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Police State Tyranny in Australia - A Blazing "Red" Warning to the Free World (video)

August 31, 2021: It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch the police state scenes going on in Australia. The Australian people have never faced a greater battle to preserve their freedom and God given rights. In this video, Rebel News Australia offers a sobering lens into the unrelenting police state thuggery going on in this great nation.

For free-world citizens in all corners of the planet, take note and act against this unfolding tyranny!

This gross attack on civil liberties and freedom is not unique to Australia, nor is it happening in isolation. The nefarious forces (and national traitors) behind this techno-authoritarian brand of communism are working their way through all Western nations at varying rates but most certainly using the same dirty tactics. Covid-19 fear mongering, excessive public health measures, bribed politicians, bribed media, bribed health authorities, compromised judicial systems, NGO interference, technocratic forms of censorship, racist Marxist doctrine disguised as CRT and other "woke" ideologies, and absolute evisceration of traditional constitutional standards are being used to undermine all free nations simultaneously.

We are all long past due to assertively reject what is clearly an attack on our freedom from global authoritarian and communist forces, aided by domestic traitors from our own nations.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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