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POS Biden's Soviet Era Style Gulags in America

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

POS Biden's American Gulags treat Patriotic Americans worse than our system will treat child predators, murders, terrorists and drug dealers. The fool Biden has intentionally created so many domestic and foreign problems that most Americans don't have time to focus on all of them. At EA we will not forget and we will continue to send reminders to our community.

Please pass the word onto your family and friends.

Regarding the "unsupervised tour" of the Capital Building on January 6th: The narrative has completely fallen apart and despite this fact POS Biden insists on holding Americans in deplorable gulag.

In the meantime, the Jan 6 commission has hired war monger and leftist Liz Cheney to Vice-Chair the bogus committee. The politically motivated group has been reduced to bluster without substance. In the end, nothing will come out of this committee other than attacking the countries most patriot citizens.


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