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Rasmussen Report: Biden’s approval ratings plummet - reach record lows

August 18, 2021: As Joe Biden stumbles and fumbles along, and as one self-inflicted crisis after another occurs, the carnage from the Biden and DNC train wreck worsens with every passing week. As the most recent Rasmussen Report illustrates, the optimism of the United States and the rest of the world cascades downward with each new Biden failure and blunder.

The Rasmussen confidence ratings tell the whole story both in terms of the current static reading and the undeniable trend towards unthinkable lows. According the August 2021 Rasmussen Reports, the following data jumps off the page:

- Biden’s current approval index rating is a humiliating -19

- Biden’s disapproval rating is 54%

- Biden’s approval rating is a mere 26%

All of this should be expected given an unending string of massive policy failures by Biden and his Marxist DNC Party over the past 7 months. At this point, the only remaining question should be “when will Biden be impeached and removed from the White House".

The full Rasmussen Report is offered here for your reference.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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