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Rep. Comer to Subpoena Bank Records of Hunter Biden, James Biden & Their Affiliated 'Companies'

Rep. Comer to Subpoena Bank Records of Hunter, James Biden, Their Affiliated Companies

'The witnesses today have all identified the evidence the committee has uncovered as deserving further inquiry,' said Mr. Comer.

September 29, 2023: House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) announced on Sept. 28 that he will subpoena the bank records of President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and the president's brother, James Biden, and their affiliated companies.

The announcement came at the conclusion of an hours-long committee hearing about the basis for an impeachment inquiry into President Biden allegedly being involved in his son's business dealings, which have included overseas work, including in China. James Biden is allegedly tied to Hunter Biden's business affairs.

"The witnesses today have all identified the evidence the committee has uncovered as deserving further inquiry," said Mr. Comer. "And that is what this committee will do, no matter where that evidence leads. I want to thank the witnesses for their testimony today."

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"It confirms the evidence compiled by this committee justifies the investigation of Joe Biden's role in his family's international business schemes and justifies the next steps of this investigation," said Mr. Comer. "One of those steps is gaining insight into where the Bidens' foreign money ended up for what purposes.

"Therefore, today I will subpoena the bank records of Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their affiliated companies."

Mr. Comer previously made this announcement on Fox News on Sept. 20.

The committee has alleged that the Bidens created 20 shell companies to take in more than $24 million altogether from abroad between 2014 and 2019, where four of those years were while Joe Biden was vice president. The GOP has alleged that the Bidens profited off President Biden's vice presidency in what they have called the "Biden brand."

"For years, President Biden has lied to the American people about his knowledge of and participation in his family’s corrupt business schemes," said Mr. Comer in his opening statement. "At least ten times, Joe Biden lied to the American people that he never spoke to his family about their business dealings. He lied by telling the American people that there was an “absolute wall” between his official government duties and his personal life." Mr. Comer alleged that President Biden, as vice president, "spoke, dined, and developed relationships with his family’s foreign business targets. These business targets include foreign oligarchs who sent millions of dollars to his family. It also includes a Chinese national who wired a quarter of a million dollars to his son." The Chinese national was Jonathan Li, whom Biden allegedly wrote a letter of recommendation for his son.

Whether Mr. Hunter Biden and Mr. James Biden comply with the upcoming subpoenas or fight them in court is to be determined. Source: The Epoch Times

Jackson Richman is a Washington correspondent for The Epoch Times. In addition to Washington politics, he covers the intersection of politics and sports/sports and culture. He previously was a writer at Mediaite and Washington correspondent at Jewish News Syndicate. His writing has also appeared in The Washington Examiner. He is an alum of George Washington University.


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