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Rep. Nancy Mace: Evidence Against Hunter, James Biden is ‘Everywhere’ (Must-see, Must-Share Videos)

Mace: Evidence Against Hunter, James Biden ‘Everywhere’

By: Jeff Poor

September 29, 2023: Thursday on FNC’s “Jesse Waters Primetime,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) argued that there was enough evidence for impeachment despite criticism about the first day of the impeachment inquiry.

Partial transcript as follows:

WATTERS: So where do Republicans plan on taking this next? Congresswoman Nancy Mace is on the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. So what’s next, Congresswoman? REP. NANCY MACE (R-SC): Well, we’re going to subpoena Hunter and Joe Biden, and I hope the American people are not getting their news and information from the actress who is named AOC, and the left today who just denied, denied, denied, and lied throughout the entire hearing, because they were unwilling to face the facts, the facts of evidence and text messages and emails, and meetings and phone calls of Joe Biden doing business with his son, Hunter and his brother, James. It’s everywhere. WATTERS: Some Republicans don’t like the witnesses you guys lead with today. Do you feel that same way? MACE: Well, this was just a first hearing to show the baseline of what was legal and illegal behavior, and our witnesses are experienced and investigation and tax law and constitutional law, and can explain to the American people what is normal operating LLC and corporate behavior and what is illegal behavior and they did a good job of showcasing that today. But of course, the drama on the left, the lies of the left, you know, try to take over and take hold of the hearing. WATTERS: What other type of witnesses are you guys presenting going forward? MACE: Well, we will have witnesses, we will have other Biden crime family business partners in Oversight. But also, you know, I hope that we’re going to subpoena and the chairman said today, we’re going to subpoena Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. We’ve got to get those bank records. I want the bookkeeper, Jesse, because somebody was keeping track of all of this money, millions and millions of dollars and where it was going in whose bank account. I want the bookkeeper more than I want anybody else in this thing? WATTERS: Well, the first Biden accountant died, and now, it looks like Schwerin or whatever is little name is you’re going to bring him in? MACE: Well, I would love to see him come in. I want all of the whistleblowers, all of the witnesses and all of the bookkeepers. I mean, remember, Jesse in the 1023 document by the FBI, the Ukrainians, the Burisma executives bragged about how complicated it was. It would take the US government 10 years to figure out how the money laundering happened, so we need every single bookkeeper the Biden’s used. WATTERS: By the way, who was that woman that was waving those papers around acting hysterical? MACE: Oh gosh. Who knows? I think all of them did that today. The irony here is that you had Democrats like Jamie Raskin complain about not having a vote on an impeachment inquiry, when just four years ago, it was Jamie Raskin defending not having a vote on impeachment inquiry. So like the hypocrisy and the lies we saw today, I’m having none of it. WATTERS: What do you guys going to do to counter that? Because as I said, at the top, they’re going to be performing and they’re going to be doing cartwheels and somersaults distracting. They don’t want to talk facts. They want to create a scene. Can you guys counter that anyway or are you just staying focused on the numbers? MACE: We need to be focused on the facts and not fiction and not performative political art like AOC, and everybody else on the squad today. We need to show the American people all of the evidence that we have going forward, and they can decide for themselves whether Joe Biden should be president or not. And in fact, Jesse, so far in our investigation, nine months in, already 63 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden broke the law based on the evidence we’ve shown so far to date. WATTERS: All right, keep it coming. Thank you so much, Congresswoman. MACE: Thank you, Jesse.

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