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Rep Stephanie Murphy (FL) is a member of the J6 House Committee/Hoax - contact her at 202-225-4035

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Call-to-Action for Floridian Patriots & Freedom Fighters

August 8, 2022: Rep. Stephanie Murphy (FL) is member of the January 6 House Committee and an active participant in this sham communist-style "show trial". This bogus Jan 6 "committee" is responsible for perpetuating the lies about January 6 and undermining American Constitutional Rights.

Equally important, the Jan 6 "Committee of Thugs" are targeting and attacking American patriots (and political opponents) by weaponizing all branches of the DOJ and their Pravda-style mainstream media partners.

Rep. Stephanie Murphy is a participant in this vicious J6 Committee attack. All Floridian patriots should repeatedly contact Stephanie Murphy letting her know what Floridian patriots feel about DC Establishment trash like her.

Stephanie Murphy is a perfect example of why Floridians should be rejecting all Democrat candidates this primary and Midterm season.

Contact Rep. Stephanie Murphy at: 202-225-4035

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