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Reporter goes into damage control when rowdy NASCAR fans yell anti-Biden chant - Priceless Fake News

October 3, 2021: NBC sports staff appear to be suffering from either poor hearing or crippling political delusion. The latter is likely the case in this recent display.

Following Brandon Brown's NASCAR victory at the Talladega Superspeedway, an NBC Sports reporter scrambled into "fake news" mode during her interview with the winner of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race on Saturday. The NBC reporter's cringeworthy moment was caught on film and is a perfect illustration of how mainstream reporters willingly lie and spin as they "report".

Standing on the start-finish line of the famed Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, the NBC Sports (fake news) reporter was in the middle of an interview with winning driver Brandon Brown. During the interview, fans in the grandstands began audibly chanting against President Joe Biden using the trademark phrase now being chanted across the nation at all major sports / entertainment venues.

As you will see from this short video clip, the NBC reporter feebly "translated" the real chant into words that don't reflect the crowd's sentiment aimed at the illegitimate buffoon currently stowed away in the White House.

The lesson here? Every sports fan in every sports venue should have fun with the chant "F*** Joe Biden!" - its a perfect way to get back at fake news media and the imposter in the White House.


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