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Republicans Control the House: A Time to Investigate, Subpoena and Impeach Political & Bio Criminals

Here’s Everything Republicans Should Do Now That They Control the House

House Republicans must follow through on the promises they made to voters and punish Democrats for creating endless crises.

By: Jordan Boyd

November 17, 2022: It’s official. Republicans have won back control of the House of Representatives and finally have a shot at curbing the unconstitutional actions of the Biden regime.

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy already released an agenda he thinks Republicans should execute come 2023, but his legislative desires for a red House are too innocuous and unlikely to survive a Democrat Senate and presidency anyway.

Because of limitations to legislative ability, Republicans must use their power correctly and wisely. They must follow through on the promises they made to voters and also punish the Biden bureaucracy and its Democrat allies for creating endless crises.

Here’s everything the GOP should do now that it controls the House.

Impeach Merrick Garland

Republicans’ top priority going into the 2023 legislative year should be impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“Everything Garland has done as attorney general has been mendaciously political, from smearing parents who speak out at school board meetings as ‘domestic terrorists’ to targeting peaceful anti-abortion activists while doing nothing about actual pro-abortion vigilantes attacking churches and crisis pregnancy centers,” The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson wrote in October. “He has to be stopped, and a determined GOP-led Congress is the only thing that can stop him.”

McCarthy recently told The Federalist that the GOP would not “start with” impeachment, but after Garland’s double standard of justice once again manifested itself in the prosecution of peaceful pro-life protesters — not to mention that Garland “personally approved” the FBI raid on the home of the former president whose election denied him a seat on the Supreme Court — McCarthy would be prudent to rethink his resolution.

Defund the FBI

Garland may be guilty of politicizing and weaponizing power against the Americans he swore to protect, but it was the FBI that zealously carried out his dirty work.

For years, the FBI has swerved any accountability for its laundry list of corruption. Seeing as how that corruption has, especially in the last six years, disproportionately affected opponents of a Democrat regime, it is in Republicans’ best interest to dismantle the agency.

Any of the FBI’s necessary duties, such as child sexual abuse cases, which were sidelined for partisan missions, should be redistributed to more responsible arms of government.

Disband the Sham J6 Committee

The Jan. 6 Committee is a political show trial created to demonize Donald Trump, his supporters, and Republicans who care about election integrity while also boosting Democrats ahead of the midterms.

Now that the GOP controls the House, it’s time to disband the committee, which always defied House standards, and devote the time spent on theatrical displays of partisanship to more important things.

That includes examining the Capitol security failures that allowed unauthorized people into the building in the first place.

Probe the Biden Family Business

For years now, Republicans Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have led investigations into Hunter Biden’s sketchy overseas business dealings. Because of their work, Grassley and Johnson were smeared by Democrats and the corporate media for uncovering the Biden family’s profiteering from overseas oligarchs, including those linked to the Chinese Communist Party and the wife of the Moscow mayor.

Now it’s time for their GOP allies in the House to use the evidence collected on Hunter to further probe the Biden family business and explain why then-Vice President Joe Biden shared official business with Hunter via non-government email, something the same FBI and DOJ that raided Trump’s home over “classified documents” seem to have no interest in exploring.

Subpoena Covid Tyrants over Their Lies

Officials like Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, former CDC Director Robert Redfield, and others lied about the origins, research, effects, and mitigation of Covid-19. It’s time for them not only to fess up to their scamming under oath, but to pay for wreaking havoc on Americans’ health, education, trust, and pocketbooks.

Impeach Mayorkas, Other Border Crisis Enablers

Some representatives such as House Minority Whip Steve Scalise have already promised to drill Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his border failures. That’s not enough.

Under Biden’s direction, Mayorkas has relaxed border security and opened the door for millions of illegal border crossers including criminals to easily enter the country. This has resulted in a humanitarian and national security crisis that is not easily remedied.

That, in addition to Mayorkas’s willingness to peddle lies about his own border agents, is enough to remove him from his position of power permanently.

Get to the Bottom of the Afghanistan Debacle

Republican legislators were shamed, ridiculed, and smeared as racist for questioning whether the U.S. government was properly vetting the influx of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees into the United States. But according to a report by the DHS inspector general, GOP suspicions that our government’s lax vetting process may have let in national security threats were correct.

Now that Republicans control the House, it’s time for them to expose what happened following the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and fire the bureaucrats who failed to protect our national security interests.

Drastically Limit Federal Spending

Americans drowning under record gas prices and astronomical grocery bills despise inflation and the bloated economy. Even corporate media’s twisted midterm exit polls show inflation ranked the highest on a list of voters’ concerns.

There’s no doubt that Democrats’ reckless spending over the last two years made U.S. inflation worse. It’s up to Republicans to drastically cut back unnecessary partisan spending (did someone say $66 billion for a proxy war in Ukraine?) and save taxpayers’ wallets from future harm.

That means saying no to pork and giving proper oversight to the Covid relief money that should be used for decades to come.

Block What They Can

Because Republicans will be limited in what they can and can’t pass, they should leverage their stopping power to ensure Democrats don’t get what they want. That means refusing to work with the other side of the aisle on anything until demands to secure the border, reduce inflation, punish crime, protect life in the womb, and keep women’s spaces for women are met.

Impeach Biden

There are myriad reasons to impeach the president, and the GOP should use those to their advantage.

Impeachment would likely be vehemently (and hypocritically) opposed by Democrats, but it would send a message that Republicans in this country won’t take government-led attacks on our Constitution or law-abiding Americans sitting down.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News.


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