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Ryan Fazio Wins Connecticut's 36th District By Harnessing The Power of Greenwich Patriots

Republican Ryan Fazio Wins Connecticut's 36 District

A Case Study in how to win elections against marxists in liberal districts

The 36th district announced Republican winner Ryan Fazio for the special election race. This election was the first time I have ever been actively involved in local politics. I contacted all my local friends and family. I checked in with them to ensure that they would vote in person or get their absentee ballot in on time. This set off a chain reaction for them to do the same with their friends. We all helped secure as many votes as we could, we even had new voters.

This is how we win, one by one and we get things done. Take back your local governing institutions, fill your local seats with candidates that will fight to restore our American values, rights and God given freedoms. If anything seems suspicious at the polls, that is an opportunity to do a forensic audit at the local level.

Although still gravely outnumbered 24-12 in the CT senate, this victory is huge. This is the beginning of us taking back the state of Connecticut. This small local election proves that we are still one nation under God, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Move that line.

Esther Nogic


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