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Samfiru Canadian Employment Law Q&A: Your legal rights regarding unlawful employer vaccine policies

September 8, 2021: Lior Samfiru (Samfiru Tumarkin LLP) has been reaching out to Canadians in an effort to provide Canadian employees with the basics" of employment law. This video offers a helpful introductory Q&A that will prevent people from making mistakes relating to the forceful demands of a rogue employer. For any Canadians who are experiencing bullying, coercion, and discrimination in their work place (as it relates to unlawful corporate vaccination policies), please take the time to research this topic and follow the advice offered by experts in this field.

Identifying and hiring a reputable employment lawyer is essential to ensure any and all damages from wrongful dismissal (including breaches in your civil rights by your employer) are successfully negotiated and realized. Should an employer play a heavy hand with you, they will pay a significant financial price.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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