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Sarasota Trump 'Save America' Rally: Now this is the face of American Patriotism!

July 4, 2021: Now this is the face of American patriotism and freedom. The American love of our heritage and the freedom that comes with it runs deep. It cannot and will not be defeated.

The electricity and patriotic 'love of country' exhibited during last night's (July 3) Sarasota Trump 'Save America' Rally is beyond words. The rally images of the day and evening, however, provide a vivid glimpse into the excitement and hope that President Trump brings to America and the rest of the world. His words and his strength always deliver rays of hope that patriots will take back our country from negative forces and the frauds who have hijacked the White House.

Consider the collection of images provided in this post. These are the kind and caring faces of true patriots who braved pouring rains and threatening thunderstorms (all day) to gather as a community in full support and love for President Trump and what he represents - freedom, faith, strength, and prosperity. Also, compare these images of a President Trump rally versus what we have come to see and expect from the radical left and their fawning subversive media and social media enablers. On the one hand, we see love and civility from positive patriots. On the other hand, we see anger, hatred, and violence from the unhinged and miserable radical left - a situation that has been exacerbated by a glib dismissiveness from the "untouchable privileged professional" community. Of course, media always fails to cover this distinction but the goodness of patriots is always on full display in plain sight.

In the end, our community of patriots will prevail and freedom will return as the forces of good inevitably defeat the forces of darkness, hostility, and excessive apathy. This said, we must remain strong, vocal, active, and never let go of our faith.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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