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Savannah Tire is more than a tire repair shop, it's a proud American company .. and it shows!

July 21, 2021: Based out of Savannah (Pooler) Georgia is an innocuous tire repair company called Savannah Tire. But this operation is far more than “just” a tire repair company. During a recent trip across the eastern US, I unfortunately experienced a flat tire about 30 miles north of Savannah – but I was fortunate enough to come across Savannah Tire (founded in 1951).

Now, this is not intended to be an advertisement for a tire repair shop. However, this is an article meant to remind citizens of the United States what it means to operate a business in the traditional sense of American values and patriotism. Admittedly, I have a distinct bias for Savannah Tire as they saved me from severe aggravation (not to mention heavy costs) as I attempted to remedy a flat tire predicament well outside of an urban area and on a Sunday in rural America.

My experience at Savannah Tire was defined by Kelly (customer care), Frances (customer care), Eddie (mechanic), and Alex (mechanic). Their customer service was highlighted by professionalism, customer-centric service, positive energy, speed of repair, quality of repair, and competitive pricing. The staff at Savannah Tire are exceptionally engaging and welcoming. They are decent in every way, and they proudly display the American flag throughout their building – it felt so good to see our American flag on full display!

My experience with Savannah Tire is symbolic of a pattern I have noticed in my travels across the country. Show me a proudly American company staffed with proud Americans and I will show you a company that is grounded in exceptional customer service, charming personality, and ethical business practices. Patriotic companies (like Savannah Tire) deserve this sort of special mention and should be the model for any business in any sector. This is the traditional American “way”, and this makes a huge difference.

In the end, whatever your retail and service needs are, it is a very safe bet that the companies flying the American flag are the companies deserving your business. Similarly, your customer experience is likely to be exceptional where the American flag is on full display.

In summary, this story about the American “way” only inspires me to fight harder than ever to preserve what we have in our beautiful nation. The beauty of America and Americans is alive and well and as you travel through America you see the beauty of American patriotism everywhere. This is the side of America that media and politicians never speak about and never celebrate. At Extremely American, we celebrate this side of America even when the examples seem “small” and “ordinary”. Savannah Tire is an All-American business, and it shows in the delivery of best-in-class service.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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