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Senator Rand Paul had Anthony Fauci squirming at the July 20th Senate hearing - video evidence

July 23, 2021 - On July 20, Senator Rand Paul had Anthony Fauci literally squirming in his chair. During the July 20th Senate hearing, there were many signals that the pathological liar Fauci was lying yet again. Of course, the media and sycophantic DNC "Fauci worshipers" could not throw their usual interference. Instead, Rand Paul pinned his ears back and grilled Fauci for five minutes - the cornered rat (Fauci) had nowhere to run. The 22-second video is a telling one for anyone who understands human nature. Fauci's constantly shaking and fidgeting hands say it all .. he is guilty of many serious crimes and he cannot hide it.


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