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Sexual Assault, Food Deprivation & Extortion: Just another day in Trudeau’s quarantine centers

Mar 2, 2021: As allegations of substandard living quarters and shocking stories of sexual assaults at Trudeau’s quarantine centers emerge, Canada’s CBC (the equivalent of CNN Fake News in the US) dutifully downplays eye-witness reports by labeling such accounts as a ‘disinformation campaign’. It is no surprise that accurate journalism has been left gasping for air as it remains on life support while mainstream force-feeds Canadians daily propaganda in relation to Canada’s current ‘State of Emergency’. Meanwhile, an assortment of leaked video footage has been loaded onto social media sites exposing the draconian measures Canadians face at airports upon their return to Canada, shedding light on the stark reality that we are at war with our own government. Conniving public health officials accompanied by “unnamed” security officers are conspicuously placed and on duty in airports across the country. Although these security officers refuse to identify themselves, they do admit that they have been ‘retained’ by the federal government!

One can only imagine the tax dollars Trudeau is squandering through the mass hiring of his own personal “KGB” unit. The ghost of Stalin is most certainly smiling as Trudeau’s disdain for freedom intensifies (and is seemingly glorified) via daily updates and everchanging ‘covid restrictions’. The current upper threshold for fines relating to non-compliance of Canada’s Quarantine Act is a whopping $750,000. The first example of this type of heavy-handed application of the Canadian Quarantine Act ($750,000 worth of penalty and the threat of 6 months in jail) was ‘dealt’ to John Pennington in August of 2020. (Newsweek – Jocelyn Grzesczak; August 23, 2020) Covid Jails that have quickly digressed from 4-star caliber to 1-star caliber rooms in just 7 weeks with accommodations that boast of black mold, food that is atrocious and unhealthy, a lack of access to fresh water and doors with dead bolts removed.

Consider the experience of a woman, named Sara, who was taken to a hotel designated as a ‘quarantine center’ servicing the Montreal, Quebec area. This hotel had the locks removed from the hotel room doors. Regrettably, a man entered Sara’s room and sexually assaulted her. Sarah ran from the room screaming for help but found herself in a locked corridor with no way out. Her perpetrator chased after her and assaulted her a second time. It took over 15 minutes for help to arrive for Sara. She was taken to the local hospital for treatment and forced to return to the same hotel and, terrifyingly, endure the remainder of her quarantine period in understandable fear. Meanwhile her perpetrator was discretely released with charges minimized. (Rebel News – Keean Bexte; February 25, 2021) This will certainly go down as one of the most horrendous encounters of Sara’s life, all thanks to irresponsible government public health policy over-reach and senseless abuse of civil rights and protection.

Another young woman who was abiding by the 2-week mandatory quarantine at her personal residence was visited late at night by one of Trudeau’s KGB quarantine-police goons. The unidentified officer stated he was ‘checking in’ to ensure she hadn’t left her home during her mandated quarantine. He then proceeded to demand cash and when the woman refused make payment, she was sexually assaulted. (Rebel News – Keean Bexte; February 25, 2021)

I have no doubt Trudeau’s Bureaucrats will minimize the atrocious crimes committed against these women. The crimes should outrage Canadians especially given their direct connection to Trudeau and his reckless and corrupt public health policies and ‘enforcement’ methods. Trudeau (according to character) will blame these women in the same manner that he placed fault on a female journalist who reported that Canada’s Prime Minister groped her during a private interview. Trudeau didn’t deny the charges stating glibly and without any regret, “Everyone experiences situations differently.”

Our next victim is Mike Bedard who was working temporarily in California but had to return home for his cancer treatment. Mike was forcefully taken to one of Trudeau’s covid jails. Upon arrival to his mold-ridden room, Mike was oddly instructed not to post pictures of the room on social media nor reveal the location where he was being held. Mike was also refused access to his scheduled cancer treatment which was the primary purpose of his trip home! With the support of demonstrators who were protesting the illegal containment of Canadians, Mike was able to find his way out of the covid jail, but the action resulted in an unbelievable and disgraceful $3,700 fine!

The Canadian standard of Trudeau’s covid health policy has been firmly established. Sexual assault, extortion, lack of food, and the denial of critical medical treatment is the norm at these quarantine facilities (containment camps). The sad reality is this: there is a darkness hanging over Canada and a very real concern that Canadians are rapidly becoming prisoners within their own borders. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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