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Stand for Freedom & Insist on Freedom - it is your right

September 19, 2021: Posters like this one are appearing at rallies across the nation and around the world. Patriots and populists are on the rise and they are rapidly mobilizing around the precious concept of freedom. It has taken a long time for this show of force against tyranny to appear but it has arrived in critical mass and is not going away.

The sign in this image says so much. As Americans, we stand for freedom. We stand against all forms of coercion and intimidation. We stand against anything and anyone who attacks our freedom and God-given rights. The label "anti-vax" is just a cheap shot, typically from a low-information individual. It is intended to be pejorative in spirit - it is an inflammatory term that rides on the rails of force, harassment, deceit, manipulation, and coercion. Those who are vaccine hesitant tend to be informed, methodical, and savvy - especially when it comes to critically assessing information that is served up by our dubious collection of politicians, media, and public health authorities.

So understand this. If anyone ever labels you an "anti-vaxxer", consider it a compliment. What they mean to say is that you are informed, methodical, savvy, and have the courage and discipline to make your own decisions without relying on the crutch of fashionable opinion and the path of least resistance.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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