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Steve Cortes: "Things are getting worse, the 'Descent' is intensifying and faltering at every level"

BIDEN ECONOMY: “Things Are Going to Get Worse, the Descent is Intensifying” – Steve Cortes, former Advisor to the Trump Campaign

August 3, 2022: Steve Cortes, former Advisor to the Trump Campaign shared:

"This is manufacturing new orders. This is by definition forward-looking, an extremely important data set. It just hit 49 and 48, meaning a below 50 contraction. That is a recession.

Let’s put this number in context, [the] all-time high is 71, back in 2003. Trump was elected with this number at 52. His economic program and the Trump boom brought it all the way to 67. Then it tanked into the lockdowns of 2020, not surprisingly. But then what happened after that?

It soared in following months to another new record, the highest it had seen since 2003, a great handoff to Joe Biden…What did he do with this inheritance, he squandered it."

The worst is yet to come.

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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