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The Beautiful "True Image" of Freedom Convoy Participants vs Trudeau (video)

February 5, 2022: It is impossible to believe acts of kindness, caring, and love like this do not resonate with all Canadians and people around the world. Regardless of ideological or political views, it is time for everyone to throw their support behind the cause of freedom and civil rights - and against "cultural-tyrants" (Trudeau, Public Health Authorities, Media, Academia, Entertainment) seeking to eliminate freedom as we know it.

The contrast between Canadians like these incredible Polish-Canadian women is stark when compared to a slithering Justin Trudeau, his "Liberal" (aka Authoritarian) Party, and his state-run media network.

The conclusion is clear and final. Justin Trudeau is a disgraceful fraud, liar, and traitor to his nation. Canadian corporate media are all complicit in this attack against all Canadians.


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