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The Cuomo Family Circus is sickening and a true reflection of the DNC & Mainstream Media Swamp

August 8, 2021: If you ever wanted to understand the state of political and mainstream media toxicity and contamination, you only need to consider the antics of the Cuomo brothers over recent years. From Andrew Cuomo enacting perilous Covid-19 public health policies (including inexplainable policies that needlessly resulted in the deaths of more than 15,000 precious New York senior citizens) to Andrew Cuomo's countless victims of sexual abuse and assault (victims coming forward officially exceed 20 women at this point), the Cuomo brothers have found the time to laugh through it all.

Included with the stupidity and inappropriate exchanges that have characterized the interactions between Andrew and Chris ("Fredo") Cuomo is an "in-your-face" arrogance and complete lack of good judgement. These two arrogant buffoons were given the CNN media platform to showcase their stupidity. Fortunately, their innate family ignorance finally caught up with them - karma is preparing a large serving of "payback" and is it ever warranted.

Perhaps even worse than the Cuomo brother's disgraceful multi-year routine is the fact that the incestuous marriage between influential political and media personalities were allowed (and encouraged) to lie about and spin critical news events in the most horrendous and shameful ways. The Cuomo family must pay for all their actions and all people from all political orientations should take very close note of the disgusting connection between politics and the mainstream media propaganda machine. In this case, CNN literally brought together and enabled two brothers and two of the worst personalities from politics and media, respectively. Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, and CNN are a disgrace for all the same reasons - immorality and egregiously unethical personal and professional conduct.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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