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The Dirty Truth about the GOP & its RINO's: How RINO's destroy the hopes of Republicans

August 4, 2021: The Epoch Times is considered one of the most exceptional and reliable sources of objective journalism. 'Truth Over News' (hosted by Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke) recently covered the GOP and the crippling effects of its RINO "infestation" and the RINO's allegiance to anything but the interests of the Republican's base.

Please watch the brief Epoch Times video below to learn more about how the RINO element subverts the Republican base and how they push their unholy alliance and agenda with the DNC and Uniparty globalists. The call-to-action is simple. Identify and target each and every RINO within the Republican Party and remove them as quickly and as convincingly as possible. We can start by making their days as "painful" as possible via unending protests and vociferous demands for their resignation.

Truth Over News Video Preview

The GOP is supposed to represent conservatives’ interests in government, with values and goals that have their foundations in our Constitution.

But are your GOP representatives actually looking out for your interests, or are they far more concerned with their own well-being?

Is the GOP more concerned with protecting their seats and positions of power—along with their fundraising abilities?

Are they simply looking to preserve the status quo, operating in cooperation with Democrats rather than against them?

What has the GOP actually done to protect your interests and values?

Are the GOP and the DNC really just two parts of a larger Uniparty?


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