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The DNC & Mainstream Media are Major Domestic Actors behind America’s Managed Decline

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Mar 31, 2021: Regardless of the motivation behind the Democratic Party and mainstream media’s efforts to lead America’s “societal suicide”, there is absolutely no denying that these “evil twins” are lead actors in the contamination and destruction of American society. In every action they take and in every spoken word, the Democratic Party and their accomplices in mainstream media spew a vile contempt for every aspect of American tradition and heritage. Unfortunately, a large portion of the American population has fallen victim (or least numb) to the “snake oil” and false promises of an unattainable socialist utopia being sold daily by these corrosive and immoral agents in American society. Today’s article was inspired by a Victor Davis Hanson podcast that aired on March 30, 2021.

The scale and scope of American social and cultural decline is massive. As a result, this article does not intend to cover every dimension of the pervasive decline happening around us. The goal, however, is to provide observations of problematic societal symptoms and how they relate to the harmful doctrine and ideological radicalism coming from the Democratic Party and its accomplices – most notably from mainstream media and affiliated health care czars. The main themes to be covered include: The Military, Economic Acumen & Agency, Awareness of History & Tradition, and Anti-racist Racialism. Each of these thematic areas show terminal symptoms of a troubling cultural decline that is being aided and encouraged by an intentionally self-destructive liberal left, mainstream media, and public health sector.

The Military

The US military has been receiving a lot of attention in recent weeks but not necessarily for the right reasons. To start and to be crystal clear, Extremely American is an unwavering and patriotic supporter of our military. There appear to be signs that our military is under attack by the usual progressive suspects – namely the DNC Party and mainstream media. The “recalibration” of our military appears to be well underway with the advent of the illegitimate Biden administration. While there are several dimensions of this “military recalibration” at play, we focus on two of the most troubling trends: (1) the cultural divide and (2) ideological pressures from the left.

The first dimension, the cultural divide, threatens our military as it forces our armed forces into a state of compliance with the beltway. As our military leaders are forced to navigate the “contours” of the Washington DC beltway (I-495), they will invariably be forced to understand, accept, and adjust to the new woke progressive culture that is smothering DC politics (not to mention the rest of society). Unfortunately, this DC influence will eventually translate into promotion with the ranks that is based on race, class, and gender criteria rather than battlefield efficacy and skills. We are already seeing tests of military efficacy being redefined to suit progressive concepts that have virtually nothing to do with military skill and proficiency (at a minimum, the testing is being dangerously watered down to ensure the proper levels of “diversity and inclusion”). This move away from the merits of battlefield efficacy and relevant accomplishments is corrosive to our military and will put our nation at risk in years to come.

Second dimension relates to customary conservative backing of our military. Conservatives have always been a logical and loyal source of support for our military. The left (particularly the media and Hollywood), on the other hand, have long portrayed the military in conspiratorial and insulting terms (consider movies like Dr. Strangelove, Seven Days in May, The Manchurian Candidate, and so on). If the military falls victim to the trap of becoming progressive and woke, it will also be perceived as a driver of progressive social justice concepts in its promotion of woke values. As Biden’s new Secretary of Defense (General Lloyd Austin) does his rounds through the ranks of our military, one must be concerned with what appears to be a primary interest in the “ideological temperament and characteristics” of our military rank and file. One must also ask what happens to the overall ability of our military force when progressives define proficiency based on ideological beliefs as opposed to battlefield skills.

Given that the left cannot be satiated with its radical goals, we can expect a persistent approach where “everything goes” in perpetuity. In this new era, is the goal to achieve transgender troops as the normative? Are women to be placed in front-line combat units? Does pregnancy matter when determining combat assignment? These progressive demands on our military to “change” its form and character will most certainly accelerate at an alarming pace under the so-called “leadership” of Biden. And, as the military lurches leftward, does our new military form take on the appearance of a “people’s army” or “people’s revolutionary force”? The American military model has always taken a rare form of civilian control which has resulted in American military excellence and global military leadership. In other parts of the world, we have seen military forces tied to the government by an “umbilical cord” – and this format has repeatedly led to government tyranny and abuse of the military countless times throughout history. (The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast – VD Hanson; March 30, 2021)

Economic Acumen & Agency

The concern over American aggregate debt and currency stability is nothing new, however, new thresholds are being encountered at levels never seen before. Our US aggregate debt is approaching 110% of total annual GDP and an absolute debt level of $30 trillion will easily be exceeded by the end of 2021. Inspection of any charts vividly portray exponential increases in these metrics, and they are unlike anything we have ever seen before. The single biggest difference between experiencing the debt crisis now versus any other point in history is obvious. In all prior administrations the profligate spenders were always countered by several fiscally conservative team members to provide at least some form of checks, balances, and integrity to debt management. Under Biden’s team, there is not a single fiscally conservative or financially responsible party representative. There is not single person on the Biden team who is capable of (or interested in) discussing anything relating to responsible deficit and debt management.

The Biden administration is hiding behind the Federal Reserve and its long-term assurances of near-zero interest rates. In the hands of an illegitimate and incompetent political party, unlimited access to near-zero interest rates lends itself to patterns of disregard and disinterest in responsible management of debt levels and excessive discretionary spending. The arrogance of failing parties like Biden’s is falsely comforted by the notion that money is free, and that debt can be carried at no cost indefinitely. All of this is unsustainable in the long term and the ”damn will break” at some point. The trillions being wasted right now (on frivolous, wasteful, and “woke” programs) are based solely on an arrogant and reckless assumption that interest rates can and will always be set near zero – this form of delusion is a classic symptom that has been associated with the cataclysmic decline of most great global powers throughout history. (The Victor Davis Hanson Podcast – VD Hanson; March 30, 2021)

Awareness of History & Tradition

We have all seen too many statues of great historical figures destroyed over the past year. Statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and many other heroes of American history have been ignorantly and needlessly destroyed by BLM and Antifa hooligans who have absolutely no concept of history and the importance of history to culture and progress. These same thugs and those progressive leaders who encourage such anarchy have no desire and no clue how to replace what been destroyed. In fact, their ideology by its nature prevents the left from replacing any of these historical figures. They will never be able to replace our national heroes with theirs as it is impossible for anyone to live up to the progressive “purity” standards as they relate to the everchanging rules and measures of racism, sexism, transgenderism, and all other fleeting “ism’s”.

This “purity” stance by the left makes the mystery of the undocumented immigrant attractive. These undocumented immigrants can easily enter our country and free of the “original sins” of racism, sexism, and transphobia. Of course, this ignorant assumption is also unbelievably insulting to decent, law abiding, loyal American patriots who live good and moral lives.

If a society does not fundamental understanding and appreciation of its past, and if a society is drawn to the ease of a “bread & circuses” way of life, common people will grow vulnerable to (and entertained by) the petty distractions that are presented to the “entitled and subsidized”. This form of systemic dependency is disastrous for social progress and has been associated with every single empire and powerful nation that has fallen in the past.

Consider the following list of observations reflecting random but recurring events over the past 2 years:

- Laws do not seem to matter any longer – riots, looting, assault, and hate crimes by BLM and Antifa (across the country) have all gone unpunished by law and uncovered by media

- Racism is conditional and selective – designation of racism is now based on who the victim is and who the assailant is (where the difference in application is defined by the color of one’s skin)

- Social advantage is now based exclusively on the color of one’s skin – if you are a poor white farmer in need of farm aid, you are out of luck

- Racism is considered acceptable if applied within the guidelines of progressive ideology and pedagogy – think of the trash being taught to our children within Critical Race Theory

- There is no such thing as hypocrisy anymore – John Kerry can fly on a private jet or in first-class on a public airline without mask while preaching the rules of climate change; Oprah Winfrey or Meghan Markle can whine about racism and the wealthy while enjoying their pampered billion-dollar lifestyle

- Wealthy elites are enjoying and exploiting all the benefits of elite branding and designation (usually tied to labels that come from ivy league universities, medical school, law school, and anything else associated with the privilege of a “noble eye”) - the “noble eye” elite can literally say anything, do anything, and contradict themselves at will

Anthony Fauci is arguably the best example of an individual falling into the last bullet (the one that references the “untouchable” designation of the wealthy ruling elite). We have all seen Fauci contradict himself and reverse his position (repeatedly) as he “naturally” lords his “infinite wisdom” regarding masks, lockdowns, vaccines, health data, and the virtues of all his friends/accomplices at the CDC, NIH, the WHO, and the CCP. In the end, anyone closely following Fauci knows he is a pathological liar and megalomaniac. This great deceiver has channeled millions of dollars to the Wuhan P4 lab – the same lab that engineered and leaked the Covid virus thereby causing the Covid pandemic - how convenient that one of the key people to blame for Covid is now being propped up by the media to look like a medical hero as the world struggles his pandemic. Fauci is a principal player behind the world’s dubious gain-of-function research. Just about everything this fraud has said he has contradicted and reversed. He said the coronavirus was not transmissible, it was; he said the WHO could be trusted, they cannot be trusted; he insisted the CCP was clear and transparent, they were not; he said herd immunity was achievable at 65% only to later change that figure to 95%; he said we need to “flatten the curve”, the next minute a new curve to be flattened was introduced; he said masks were not necessary, now he says they are; he said one mask was all that was needed, now he advises 2 masks; originally he said children couldn’t transmit the virus, now he says they can. This sociopath deliberately uses his “platonic noble eye” and special designation to pivot and contradict himself at will. All of this is extra troubling as Fauci is tied to the interests of the progressive left and globalists and not afraid to advance his personal agenda any time he wants and with full protection from the media and filthy Democrat politicians – at least until society finally discovers that this man is a complete fraud and sociopath.

The practical evidence that Fauci is clueless and incompetent is easily verifiable by assessing the public health policy outcomes state by state. Experiences in Florida and Texas prove that everything Fauci claimed was wrong. The situation in states like Florida and Texas contradict almost everything he said. Fortunately, Victor Davis Hanson predicts that Fauci and his fraudulent sidekick Deborah Birx, will become irrelevant within 2 months as the current pattern of rapidly plummeting case loads, positive test results, hospital rates, and death rates become impossible for media to ignore. We can only hope that Hanson is correct and that we do not have to endure the sickening deception and arrogance of health care fascists like Fauci and Birx much longer – their shelf is long past due. Indeed, this author hopes the failures and corruption behind frauds like Fauci and Birx are eventually disclosed.

Anti-Racist Racialism

As people become familiar with the origins of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and those pushing it, the new “progressive science of racism” is being seen as entirely driven by elite white progressive careerists. As these same elites ram their racist progressive frameworks through public academia and profit from its exploitation within corporate America, we are simultaneously seeing an explosion in white bastions of elite private academies. In Silicon Valley and wealthy districts in American northeast, a massive flight away from the public school system is occurring before our eyes.

The new “anti-racist racialism” rages on despite data that refutes every premise of the new form of woke racism. The number of white poor people in absolute terms is far larger than any other ethnic group. The two most common interracial marriage profiles are white & Hispanic and white & Asian. Private schools fetch annual tuition fees between $50k-$100k per child and are exclusively enjoyed by the same people pushing critical race theory in schools and corporate America. So, while loathsome hypocrites like Megan Markle anoint themselves as leaders of anti-racism in the world, you will never find a person like her making her home cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, or Portland. Similarly, you will never see hypocrites like Markle or Winfrey ever rolling up their sleeves and leading by example in inner-city America. Apparently, they do not have to practice what they preach.

All these elite progressives and anti-racist racialists enjoy ultimate wealth and the “privilege” to lecture in the most sanctimonious ways, but always fail to live by the standards they set for everyone else. They would never consider the idea of forfeiting their status, designations, and riches for another ethnic person – but they would certainly suggest such altruism from the rest of society. These forms of class inconsistencies and class abuses represent a serious symptom of a decaying society and one that will rot a society if left unaddressed through time.

To close the circle on this discussion we must ask ourselves who is behind this social decay and who has the most to gain from it. Although not limited to the DNC and mainstream media, this diabolical duo seems to be causing and enjoying (simultaneously) the destruction of American heritage and American society. This is a war, sponsored by the left, on everything a patriotic American believes in. If there is any silver lining it is this: we know who is doing this to our nation and we can clearly see how they are doing it. It is time to overtly attack the socialist platforms being used to attack America. Platforms like CRT and anti-racist racialism must be destroyed at their roots and those responsible for pushing this poison must be removed from office, from school boards, and from media networks - vote, get involved locally, and abandon/boycott any forms of media and journalism that perpetuate progressive racist ideology. Millions of small actions by a large community of patriots will win the day. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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