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The Exclusive Nature of the "Language of Inclusion"

June 17, 2021: “President” Biden’s 6-trillion dollar budget proposal to address the country’s infrastructure needs has been demonstrably proven to have very little to do with infrastructure. More insidiously the language in this proposal is ubiquitous with the term “birthing people”. When confronted with the choice of this language, HHS Secretary Xavier Bacerra responded by saying it is important to use the “language of inclusion”, since many mothers do not identify as female. The last sentence was unintentionally confusing, however feel free to verify the quote.

When it comes to the left redefining traditional terms to perpetuate the progressive agenda this is standard operating procedure. And the corrupt media is only too happy to assist. For decades the left has redefined, family, marriage, partnership, gender, etc. The sinister motivation is not to include those deemed “marginalized”, but to exclude those deemed “oppressive” or “dominant”.

As traditions evolve in America it is important to reflect current cultural norms, but not at the expense of long held generational ones. For those of us who still recognize these generational traditions, we should fight to maintain them. As we head into the “Fathers Day” weekend, let’s be sure to let our misled liberal friends know precisely who “we” are.

By: Extremely American Contributor and Atlanta-based Journalist Eric Dobbs

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