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The "face" of Gavin Newsome's DNC - a white woman in a monkey mask throwing eggs at Larry Elder

September 9, 202: As Gavin Newsome loses his grasp on his gubernatorial role in California, he and his radical Marxist DNC base are throwing everything they can (pun intended) at his closest rival and his greatest threat - Larry Elder. Just yesterday an unhinged white woman wearing a monkey mask pelted Larry Elder with eggs. The assault is more than just a random harmless physical attack with eggs. It is a symbolic attack by a person who really represents the core element of the DNC - an unhinged, violent, angry, and racist fanatic.

The photo and video provided do not require any further explanation other than to say that all Californians must vote to recall Gavin Newsom and replace him immediately with Larry Elder. Californians must respond with a firm statement indicating zero tolerance for the type of violence and racism encouraged by Newsom and his mob of DNC miscreants and racists.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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