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The Filibuster: A largely unknown concept with massive consequences to the fate of America

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Mar 29, 2021: One of the more opaque and confusing topics swirling around the news these days relates to the concept of the “filibuster”. The DNC attack on the constitutional concept known as the filibuster must be understood by every single American, irrespective of their political orientation. This seemingly innocuous and nuanced principle and rule of American parliamentary procedure is arguably the only thing standing between freedom and liberty in America and the ever-present threat of tyranny – a threat of tyranny that originates from any politicians (or political parties) who seek to push radical and authoritarian political ideologies and systems. We will start this important discussion by laying the formal definition of the filibuster.

Definition of the Filibuster: A filibuster is a parliamentary procedure used in the United States Senate to prevent a measure or a bill from being brought to a vote. The most common form of filibuster occurs when one or more senators attempt to delay or block a vote on a bill by extending debate on the measure in question. By constitutional authority, the Senate rules permit a senator (or a series of senators) to speak for as long as they wish, and on any topic they choose, unless prevented by "three-fifths of the Senators duly chosen and sworn" (currently 60 out of 100 senators). Consequently, a Senate vote to bring the debate (filibuster) to a close requires the 60% threshold to be met or exceeded according to the rules of American Constitutional Law.

The heightening controversy over the filibuster has entered a critical state as Democrats are increasingly attempting to force their radical agenda (which includes controversial and largely unsupported proposed bills such as HR1 and HR5). At this point, the right to filibuster is literally the only thing standing between the DNC imposing HR1 and HR5 and preserving American freedom and liberty as we know it today. In fact, abolishing the filibuster goes beyond opening the flood gates for the DNC’s radical socialist agenda. Removal of the 200-plus year Constitutional “control and check” mechanism effectively eliminates the ability for Americans to avoid one party rule. The unlimited power of a corrupt party in such a non-filibuster world all but assures that the party who gains control will be able to stay in control permanently. This is what is at stake right now.

The DNC is currently attempting to prop up a case against the filibuster by falsely linking it to the Jim Crow Laws (the same Jim Crow laws that set the standard for racial segregation and enacted exclusively by the Democrat Party in the late 1800’s and onwards). Here are some important points to keep in mind as the topic of the filibuster assumes front page news status in the weeks and months to come:

- The filibuster requires 60 Senate votes to end debate

- The filibuster has been around since 1807

- The filibuster has been used by both parties repeatedly since 1807 and through time

- The Democratic Party has suddenly decided to associate the filibuster with racist Jim Crow Laws (racist laws passed by the Democrat Party itself!)

- History shows us that the Democrat Party has used the filibuster far more frequently and abusively than its use by the Republican counterparts (especially between 2016-2020)

In 2005, Americans were “treated” to heated and memorialized comments by Democratic leaders such as Obama, Schumer, and Biden vehemently defending the merits and necessity to the filibuster on the Senate floor - video footage of these 2005 exchanges, as well many others, is widely and easily available for viewing on internet. Obama referred to the filibuster as “an essential Constitutional control and check”. Biden claimed the filibuster is “the founder’s attempt to capture the essential idea of unlimited debate”. Schumer claimed that the filibuster embodies “the concept of compromise and moderation”. (The Charlie Kirk Show - Charlie Kirk; March 29, 2021) Each of the DNC hypocrites (Obama, Biden, and Schumer) were correct in 2005. Of course, DNC leaders are notorious for changing the rules as they go along to serve their own purposes – and to do so irrespective of debasing the integrity of our Constitution. This is the new “criminal form” of the DNC.

In a twist of “Biden irony” (or perhaps stupidity is the more accurate term), Biden in defense of his newfound revelation that the filibuster is “racist” claimed that “the filibuster was used 5 times more in 2020 than any other year in history. Note that the DNC did not have control of the Senate last year, so Biden effectively admitted (1) that the DNC excessively “abused” the filibuster option in 2020 and (2) that the DNC used an alleged racist political instrument repeatedly in 2020 when they were the opposition in the Senate. Biden in a single sentence admitted his party used the filibuster at record levels in 2020 only to pivot and refer to it as a racist instrument in 2021. In other words, after 200-plus years of use in the Senate, the filibuster has magically become racist according to the Democrat Party. This whole filibuster “play” by the DNC is filthy and racist in its own unique way.

It is important to dig a little deeper into why the DNC would so urgently push for the eradication of the filibuster. First, the DNC is fully aware that they will face a tidal wave of opposition in the 2022 House and Senate elections – they will never admit their fear but, make no mistake, they fear current American sentiment that is in direct response to their filthy and failing radical tactics. Secondly, old DNC racist relics (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Hirono, Duckworth, and so on) want to be remembered for being on the side of the “proletariat”, HR1, HR5, and reap the rewards of a superficial “woke” appearance. The DNC old guard is disgracefully attempting to change every single rule and tradition that came before them to hold on to power indefinitely and make their mark in American history by destroying the American legacy and forefathers behind them.

Somewhat understandably, Americans have avoided the murky, weedy, nuanced, and complex details that are required to understand the filibuster concept. However, the fate of our great nation depends on the filibuster staying in place. There is absolutely no other option or compromise available as everything we know and love about America will be put at risk (permanently) should the DNC force their way into destroying the filibuster concept. If anyone is concerned about the DNC abuse of power over the past sixty days, multiply those abuses by an infinite magnitude should they be given open and permanent access to passing anything they choose without any ability to stop them. By definition, this would be a pure state of tyranny by a single political party.

The Democrat Party’s attempts to shamefully exploit racism (the DNC’s typical crutch) to change the rules of the Constitution has been calculated and brazen. The Democrats are openly exploiting baseless racist labeling of the filibuster in their attempt to stay in control and power permanently from this point forward. Even shallow lifelong RINO’s have come to realize the threat before the nation (and themselves) and have decided to come forward in the defense of the filibuster. Consider the following recent quotes from by RINO Mitch McConnel and RINO Ben Sasse:

Mitch McConnell: “The filibuster predates debates over civil rights and goes back to the very beginning of our country. The derivative of the filibuster is not at all related to race or civil rights.”

Ben Sasse: “Democrats used the filibuster to halt Senator Scott’s police reform bill last year. At that time, the filibuster was called an essential American institution that forced healthy compromise.”

The greatest irony of the most recent DNC flip-flop on the filibuster stance relates to the 2020 obsession by the DNC to block the police reform bill presented by black Republican Senator Tim Scott. The bill, presented by one of the most prominent role models within the US black community, was filibustered into submission using the filibuster process. Interesting, and doubly hypocritical!

We summarize by reiterating the most important points that our EA community must commit to memory and to act on. First, the filibuster is not racist – it predated any attempts by the Democrat Party to employ Jim Crow Laws to filibuster, long before civil rights legislation ever entered the American political landscape. Second, the filibuster is intended to slow down the process of the Senate encouraging it to behave responsibly and as a deliberative body – and to ensure the threat of a single tyrannical party is contained by proper Constitutional controls and checks. Third and last, Democrats are feverishly attempting to get rid of the filibuster to pursue their socialist dream of a one-party system and a lock on permanent control and power. Eliminating the filibuster is the parliamentary equivalent to the radical DNC policies of “open borders” and “mass mail-in voting”. It represents political corruption in its most severe form. The EA call-to-action is to gain a strong understanding of the filibuster process and what is at stake without it. With this knowledge, every patriot should be hounding their elected officials demanding that they use their status and authority to fight the attack on the filibuster every minute of every day until this horrendous DNC assault on American tradition and liberty is thwarted once and for all. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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