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The Harris & Biden Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border is "knocking on their front door"

Busloads of Illegal Migrants from Texas Arrive at Kamala Harris’ Residence in D.C.

By: Kyle Becker

September 16, 2022: On Thursday morning, busloads of illegal migrants arrived near the residence of Kamala Harris, the “border czar” and vice president who has presided over the worst border crisis in U.S. history.

The busloads of migrants were sent to Harris’s residence near the Naval Observatory in D.C. from Texas, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins reported on-air.

“Between 75 and 100 people who were picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott,” Fox News digital reported. “The group includes migrants from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. Multiple migrants, asked by Fox News Digital, said they think the border is open, contrary to what Harris said Sunday during an interview.”

As reported earlier, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday sent an estimated 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on two planes on Wednesday.

Rob Wray of 7 News provided images of the illegal immigrants arriving in Martha’s Vineyard. It does not appear to be like the Holocaust, thematically or otherwise.

According to FAIR estimates, there have been 4.9 million illegal migrant crossings at the southern border under Joe Biden and 900,000 ‘gotaways’ who have made it into the country. The estimated cost of the additional illegal immigrants to the country is $20 billion per year.

On Thursday, it was reported that busloads of illegal migrants made it to Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington D.C. These migrant busloads were in addition to the planes Gov. DeSantis sent on Wednesday, as his office confirmed.

Source: Trending Politics


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