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The Joe Biden to Kamala Harris 'Transplant': From One Incompetent & Illegitimate Moron to Another

July 4, 2024: America is on the verge of having its next ignorant and incompetent POTUS inserted and imposed on the nation. In the case of Kamala Harris, America and the rest of the world are about to be punished with the ultimate in natural stupidity, pure incompetence, cringeworthy woke diversity, innate 'unlikeability', a steady diet of obtuse 'word salad', and an insufferable voice/cackle.

The reason Kamala Harris is deemed the most unlikeable and annoying politician is illustrated every time this moronic diversity hire (and political fraud) opens her mouth. Failing the proper outcome in the upcoming US Federal election, America is on the verge of moving from one absolute moron (Biden) to another absolute moron (Harris) in the White House.


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