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The Left’s Fear of Fascism under Trump is the Ultimate Expression of Self-Projection & Guilt

The Left’s fear of fascism under Trump is the ultimate example of projection

November 28, 2023: The liberal crazies, from actor Rob Reiner to the once conservative but now ideologue-for-sale Joe Scarborough, have their knickers in a knot over the potential that America may drift into “fascism” upon the possible election of former President Donald Trump in 2024.

How deliciously ironic that these leftists express concern over phantom fascism in the future as they look the other way while their Grand Poobah, 'President' Joe Biden , is laying out a clinic on fascist tactics.

This is the same Biden administration that has actually brought criminal charges against its political enemies. Trump never did so, even though he had ample opportunity and justification against Hillary Clinton. In an act of unappreciated magnanimity, Trump began his first few days in office by declaring he would let bygones be bygones and, for the good of the country, would not pursue charges against Clinton for illegally moving her server to an unprotected base.

That doesn’t look much like fascism.

Meanwhile, Biden‘s Justice Department and FBI have engaged in one action after another that would make even J. Edgar Hoover blush.

For maybe the first time in the history of this nation, the FBI raided a political opponent’s attorney’s office to collect attorney-client privileged documents. It also raided the offices and/or the homes of Trump allies, including Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani.

It arrested Trump's former allies Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro for simply giving advice .

Yes, Cohen pleaded guilty to crimes, but they were primarily for tax evasion and his taxi and limousine service. Yes, Powell and Chesebro pleaded guilty in the Georgia indictments, but the charges against them were so weak that no jail time or license suspension was issued. It was an indictment to embarrass a political enemy.

That looks like something right out of the old KGB’s playbook.

Then there are the Democratic officials, such as New York Attorney General Letitia James, who promised that their goal in getting elected was to take down Trump. James didn’t know which crime she’d prosecute the former president for, but she made it clear she’d find one. That sounds like the old Joseph Stalin line, “Find me the person, and I’ll tell you the crime.”

And how is there not an element of fascism in the Biden government’s collusion with private entities, from Stanford University professors to social media giants, to stifle the speech of their conservative political enemies? They did it by setting up algorithms to block conservative tweets or Facebook posts and by colluding with 51 former intelligence agency spies to lie about the Hunter Biden laptop and dismiss it as Russian disinformation.

How about Biden’s DOJ labeling concerned parents who spoke out at local school board meetings as possible domestic terrorists? Or Biden’s FBI raiding the home of a pro-life demonstrator and arresting him in front of his children at 6 a.m. only to have the charges tossed by a jury? That sounds a lot like the old East German fascist state.

And let’s not forget how Biden‘s henchmen have attempted to intimidate anyone who even thought about criticizing them. Does anyone in their right mind think it was mere coincidence that the IRS was sent to knock on the door of journalist Matt Taibbi as he was testifying before Congress about Biden’s efforts to squash free speech?

Nor does it seem a coincidence that Biden’s FBI raided the home of an aide to New York City Mayor Eric Adams at the exact moment Adams was on an airplane en route to the White House to complain about Biden’s chaotic border policy that is bankrupting his city.

Yet none of these outrageous actions by the administration have ruffled any feathers for these leftists now crying about a Trump fascist regime.

Well, Trump was in office for four years. No liberals were falsely placed in jail. No left-leaning cable shows, social media platforms, or newspapers had their speech quashed.

If only we could say that was the case for Biden’s critics.

Steve Levy is president of Common Sense Strategies, a political consulting firm. He served as Suffolk County executive, as a New York State assemblyman, and is the host of the Steve Levy Radio Show. He is the author of Solutions to America’s Problems and Bias in the Media.


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