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The Radical Poison of the Democrat Marxist Party is now targeting SCOTUS as a political tactic

May 5, 2022: Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) offered insights about the SCOTUS-Alito-Draft-Leak during today's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing (May 5, 2022). Senator Cruz (a constitutional law expert) slammed the cabal hiding behind the leak of Samuel Alito's draft opinion. Cruz also offered critical legal insights into the gravity and consequences of this intentionally destructive crime, a crime that was most certainly engineered and executed by nefarious actors within the Democrat Party and their criminal leftist radical faction.

The Democrat Party has already "opportunistically" mobilized on this act of desperation intended to throw interference and distraction away from 18 straight months of policy disasters caused by Joe Biden and his illegitimate administration.

This (criminal) act of desperation by the Democrat Party is obvious and goes against everything "American". It is a dirty and subversive political tactic that is doomed to fail as most Americans have the intellectual ability and integrity to see through this recurring pattern of political crime that is a visible characteristic of the Democrat Party and its network of criminal saboteurs.


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