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The Real Anthony Fauci: The Movie

A message from the Real Anthony Fauci Team

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer employee, takes down all the corruption taking place in Big Pharma.

He came out of retirement to expose the C0VlD crimes.

A v@cc!ne takes a minimum of 2-3 years to be developed, yet Big Pharma developed these in 11 months.

If v@cc!nes are the solution to this pandemic, how can you explain all the people that have died after being v@cc!nated?

Old people were more vulnerable to the virus because their immune system didn't respond as well.

Will you trust the “v@cc!ne” to not do the same harm to your grandparents?

With appreciation,

The Real Anthony Fauci Team

P.S. To make sure you and your family are safe against the dangerous v@cc!nes, make sure to share this information here.

One click could save a person's life.

P.P.S. Social media may have already blacklisted all our links. If that’s the case, here’s what you can do:

A. Share the link with spaces in between the letters. (www . t h e r e a l a n t h o n y f a u c i m o v i e . com)

B. Send an email.

Anyone can email to get sent via email the current watch information.


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