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The ‘Unvaccinated Are Unclean’: The Demented & Hateful Psychosis of Dogmatic Vaccine Alarmists

The ‘Unvaccinated Are Unclean’ Compilation

We will forbear the impulse to retaliate, but we won't forget this revolting mixture of atavism, lying, and cheap virtue signaling

By: John Leake

June 4, 2023: During periods of peace and prosperity, when the prevailing social mood is positive, it’s often tough to know who is truly decent and reasonable. During times of stress and fear, people are far more inclined to show their true colors. Many get swept up in the emotions and groupthink of the frightened herd, thereby losing their capacity for critical thinking and principled action. Under such circumstances, if you insist on maintaining your individuality, you will likely be shocked to discover that even people whom you took to be old friends may join the herd in ostracizing you.

2021 and early 2022 were just such a time for those of us who didn’t fervently embrace the crude dogma of the COVID-19 Vaccine Cult. The following video is a remarkable expression of how easily a modern, advanced civilization can embrace the most atavistic, tribalistic, and scapegoating passions.

Especially revolting is how these expressions are enveloped in lies and cheap virtue signaling. We, the unvaccinated, will forbear the impulse to retaliate, but we won’t forget the pronouncements made in this compilation or the people who made them. Because we are wise, we will try to obey St. Paul’s injunction to suffer these fools gladly.

Reposted from John Leake’s Substack


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