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“The Walking Dead” – Editorial on the Covid Hoax from Kevin McKellar

Over the past year, my daily routine has included taking time to sit on street benches, watching and listening to passers-by, and observe the behavior of people around me. The streets of my neighborhood are the streets of Vancouver British Columbia (Canada). In the not-so-distant past, these were bustling streets and always packed with many happy people. It could take as much as a half hour or more to find a parking spot which only added to my good friend Jeff's stomach growling out of a hunger for food not being satisfied. Our efforts to find parking were worth while even if we had to get creative and use the valet parking at our favorite spot Joey’s (a fun and popular local restaurant and bar). The Joey’s valet service even had a car cleaning and vacuuming option if you threw the young parking valet an extra ten spot ($10). These times in Vancouver and our patronage to Joey’s became a tradition amongst good friends across the city.

Ahh, but the good old days are long behind us now. Joeys has since packed up and closed its doors due to high rent and decreased revenue from this “thing” called Covid-19. Many other small and independent businesses have followed suit and closed their doors as it is simply not viable to do business in Vancouver any longer. The once vibrant high-traffic internationally renowned area is now replaced with angry eyes staring at me, over a loose-fitting disposable mask, that is surely making it difficult to breathe. I stare back angrily and wait for the inevitable question, "why are you not wearing a mask?". I used to look back at them straight in their eyes with a selection of words something like, “F;&$# #& and mind your own business”. Lately, I have changed my approach after sharing a long conversation with a good friend and mentor (who just happens to be one of the founders of Extremely American). Shout out to Colin Wright. He said to me, "Kev, I have the perfect response for any person rudely asking that type of question". I eagerly awaited his response as I have grown familiar with Colin’s quick wit through the years. He went on to suggest this choice words given that he has also faced this type of passive aggressive hostility from all-to-eager mask enforcers, "Does your mask work?". After a brief pause, the self-appointed mask-enforcer has no choice but to answer “yes”. The next sentence out of Colin’s mouth is, "Great, then you will be just fine." Colin describes his departure from the conversation as “satisfying” and one where a strong point has been made to the rude and unwitting mask-enforcer. We laughed for a good five minutes.

But on another day sitting on a random Vancouver city bench I realized something; I disagree with my old friend and mentor. You see, those people are not fine, they are far from being fine. They are what I refer to as "The Walking Dead" – they are, in fact, asleep and not even open to research, or the possibility of opposing informed points of view, or truth in the form of a full spectrum of facts. Now, I do not say "the truth" lightly. You see, I have done a great deal of research and all the facts are hiding in plain site.

I could go on for days about how Covid is not real, or at least being vastly exaggerated and weaponized to perpetuate endless fear and panic within society – this is the dirty secret of the times that everybody is thinking, but few are expressing. In my informed opinion, Covid is primarily as a scare tactic being used to force people to forfeit their basic personal rights and take an experimental vaccine. Ahh, and there is the word I have grown to hate. There seems to be an interchangeable aspect to the word “vaccine” where: Vaccine = Social Norm = Nano Chip = Complete Control of the People. Now I am sure some people will respond by saying “piss off” or “my relative had covid and died from Covid” or “I have a friend who had a friend who died from Covid”. In my estimation, what we are being told by doctors and hospital executives is that mostly everyone who dies, is dying from Covid (in other words, the criteria for designation of a Covid-related death are very loose at best). You could fall out of a plane being flown by a pilot who knew someone who had Covid, and you would likely see that death registered as a covid-related death. Cha-ching the hospital just nailed another Covid financial bounty payment. The statistics vary by country, but in America MSN News reported that most hospitals are being funded (by Medicare) to the tune of $13,000 for anyone admitted to a hospital carrying a Covid positive test. Should a hospital put anyone with Covid on a ventilator, MSN News reported the Medicare grant of $39,000 per patient going on a ventilator / intubation. (MSN.Com – Angelo Fichera; April 21, 2020) According to an ABC report, under the US Cares Act, hospitals are receiving an additional 20% in revenue above and beyond the traditional Medicare rates of reimbursement for any Covid related admissions into a given hospital. Covid funding dollars are flying around everywhere and there is plenty of financial motivation for hospitals and their administrators to “fudge and bloat” their Covid related data.

The following scenario was derived from the National Geographic series called “Brain Games”. Nat Geo’s Brain Games is a popular television series that explores cognitive science by focusing on illusions, psychological experiments, and counterintuitive thinking. One of the episodes offered a scenario that sounds something like this. Consider a situation where you are being repeatedly told that you look sick for 8 hours. You might conclude that, "Darn it, I feel sick". If you were told you to sit in a room and every ten minutes a bell rang and all other people stood up with each ringing of the bell, you would likely follow suit and stand up with the rest of the room (the Nat Geo experiments bears this out). Now, if you were a paid elected government official who uses mainstream media, and you repeatedly said, "hey people, there is a sickness that is going to cause a life-threatening pandemic day-after-day, month-after-month, coupled with bought-and-paid-for doctors/hospitals/health care authorities repeating the same unrelenting ominous messages”, most of society would likely blindly accept what is being said. This clearly what we are seeing in society today.

You may ask, “Now why would there ever be a coordinated effort to fool the masses?”. The answer lies in the long tradition of politicians and ruling elites deceiving the masses to advance devious and self-serving agendas; agendas that tend to be obsessed with the pursuit of wealth, power, and control. Those who are well informed and independent thinkers naturally refuse to just “tag along” with things that do not add up or do not make any sense (intuitively or scientifically). This is particularly true when the things that do not add up become an egregious abuse of one’s personal freedom and individual rights.

People, it is time to wake up and take the blinders off. This so-called farce of a “permanent” pandemic is like watching an episode of The Walking Dead. We need to come together as a community, committed to fight against a Covid tyranny that is both obvious, persistent, and abusive in nature.

I will leave you with this thought. Think of Covid-19 being positioned by government and media as the center of a circle. Perpetual Covid-related scare tactics are being used to deflect and distract from so many other sinister things happening in the world around us. In other words, the issues of the world today are far greater than a pandemic being “sold” as the “center” of our universe. Our EA call-to-action is straight forward. Maximize your Covid research efforts and find the strength to have honest and direct conversations with other knowledgeable people you respect. By opening your eyes and your mind to the logic and science that you can trust (as opposed to just “going along with things” or being pressured into doing something you do not believe in), you may re-discover the happiness that comes with reclaiming control over your life and the freedom of personal choice. DON'T BE A SHEEP, BE A DRIVEN LEADER!

Stay tuned for more articles from this proud Canadian who would prefer to stand up and fight against tyranny rather than capitulate and serve those same tyrants (in so-called “safety”) from my knees! By: Kevin McKellar – Extremely American Canadian Contributor

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Extremely American
Mar 30, 2021

Great read! Thank you for sharing your important message.

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