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"There is something really wrong, the attack on America is by design and veiled as global altruism"

May 13, 2022: Americans are being sold out by elected officials across the political spectrum. All Democrats and NeoCon RINO's are feigning global altruism and benevolence as they ram their latest massive transfer of wealth down the throats of American tax payers.

Tucker Carlson masterfully walks his audience through the conspicuous efforts by a filthy body politic intended to drive America into decline as those responsible reap massive financial gains. The $40 billion hoax (sold as "Ukrainian emergency relief and assistance") is nothing more than political boondoggle and political cash grab.

Rest assured, the $40 billion will never reach Ukrainians in greatest need ... it will, however, reach the private accounts of the politicians and influencers pushing this "engineered cause".

All Americans should treat this latest political scam in the same way they should view popular cash-grab scams like Climate Change, Covid public health tyranny, CRT, BLM, and a raft of other ridiculous progressive "causes".


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