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This Memorial Day Weekend we remember and honor all Americans who died serving in the Military

May 28, 2022: We are always to remember and honor the courage, valor, and sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have given so much to protect our freedom and sovereignty in days gone by.

Today, more than ever, our freedom and rights are under assault by the same lineage of tyrants who targeted and attacked our inalienable God-given rights in the past. Honoring those who protected these freedoms (often with their lives) is essential; protecting their legacy and sacrifices made in the past will require a display of similar courage and sacrifice by all men and women today.

Please do all you can to acknowledge, celebrate, and honor our surviving veterans and active servicemen and women.

Please do all you can to fight back against today's tyrants disguised as benevolent politicians, media pundits, and bogus activists.

Today's fight against tyranny involves a fight against choreographed disinformation and nefarious actors (NGO's, global corporatists, technocrats, media propagandists, and big pharma to name a few) attempting to undo everything our military veterans did to protect and preserve freedom in eras gone by. Honor the sacrifices made by our military by rejecting modern-day tyrants who are doing everything in their might to denigrate everything our military (past and present) symbolizes.

Key Military Dates in May (Source:

May 8: Victory in Europe Day

The unconditional surrender of Germany in World War II came on May 8th, 1945. Sweeping celebrations seized Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City.

May 12: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Celebrated the Friday before Mother's Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day celebrates the sacrifice and support of military spouses. The holiday began in 1984 under Ronald Reagan, and subsequent presidents have begun the day with speeches or proclamations.

May 20: Armed Forces Day

Celebrated on the third Saturday of every May, Armed Forces Day honors Americans serving in the military. It was originally designed to replace the days celebrating each individual service, but those days are still observed. The longest running celebration sponsored by a city is held in Bremerton, Washington. 2012 marked its 64th celebration with a parade.

May 30: Memorial Day

Landing on the final Monday of May, Memorial Day is the most widely recognized holiday out of the May military-themed observances. It began after the Civil War to remember the soldiers who fell on both sides during the war, but grew to commemorate all Americans who died serving in the military.


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