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The Threat of WW3: Brought to the world by a Stolen US Election & a Fraud in the White House

February 24, 2022: The toxic elixir that brought on the threat of World War III included these ingredients: a stolen US federal election, an illegitimate and incompetent fraud in the White House, a feckless and woke-obsessed DNC administration, an outrageously corrupt mainstream media, a diluted and demoralized military, and a collection of global tyrants locked in on capitalizing on the first sign of weakness in American leadership.

Much of the world (the DNC, RINO's, mainstream media, technocrats, academia, popular culture) attacked President Trump on a daily basis for four years. Throughout those four years of the Trump term, the geo-political arena was stable and without any imminent threat of major conflict. All this stability under President Trump along with unparalleled economic prosperity despite a perpetual stream of baseless attacks against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden, in the course of the last fourteen months, has fumbled through endless policy failures causing perpetual economic decline/instability, skyrocketing domestic rates of crime, a disastrous Afghanistan exit, and a predictable window of opportunity for communist regimes like Russia and China to pursue military "opportunities" on a world stage that is lacking a legitimate and strong American President. Today's crisis is brought to the world by a fraud in the White House and all who participated in the theft of the 2020 US election.

Biden Announces New Sanctions in Response to Russian Attack on Ukraine

By: Nick Ciolino

Joe Biden announced additional sanctions and export restrictions against Russia Thursday in response to a Russian attack against Ukraine launched in the early hours that morning.

In a televised address on Feb. 24, Biden vowed to impose new sanctions against four additional Russian banks as well as additional members of Moscow’s elite inner circle and cut off “half” of Russia’s high-tech imports.

“America stands up to bullies. We stand up for freedom,” said Biden. “This is who we are.” Biden’s speech came after a meeting with the National Security Council and a virtual summit with G7 leaders. And he said the sanctions are in coordination with a list of countries representing more than half of the world’s economy.

Biden pledged humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine and reiterated the U.S. commitment to defend NATO territory. He also said again that the United States will not send troops to fight in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” on Feb. 24 to defend Moscow against what he alleged were threats from Ukraine. Shortly after Putin’s announcement, Russia launched its attack by land, air, and sea.

This came after months of Russian troop buildup along Ukraine’s border.

Ukraine’s leadership said at least 40 people had been killed so far in what it called a “full-scale war,” with multiple cities and bases targeted with airstrikes or shelling from the east, north, and south. And an adviser to the Ukrainian presidential office, Mykhailo Podolyak, said Thursday the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been captured by Russian forces.

In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky cut diplomatic ties with Moscow and declared martial law.

Biden’s latest action comes in addition to the United States’ first tranche of sanctions against Russia taken earlier in the week. These include sanctions against two regions within Ukraine declared independent by Russia, state-owned Russian banks, individual Russian oligarchs and their families, as well as sanctions against the company behind the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline connecting Russia to Germany.

The first tranche was announced in response to Putin’s move Feb. 21 to declare two regions within Ukraine to be independent and then sign a decree authorizing “peacekeeping” troops to move into the two breakaway regions

Biden has acknowledged that Americans will likely see increased costs at the gas pump as a result of the sanctions against Russia but has pledged that his administration is using “every tool at our disposal” to limit the effect on gas prices.

Source: The Epoch Times

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