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TRAITOR: Twitter Eviscerates 'Judas' Pence for Twisting the Knife after Latest Trump Indictment

‘TRAITOR’: Twitter Eviscerates Mike Pence for Twisting the Knife after New Trump Indictment

August 2, 2023 (Updated): Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed delight over the Biden DOJ’s latest indictment of his former boss over objections to the 2020 election. Pence — who is polling in the single digits in his bid to secure the GOP nomination for president in 2024 — was then met with overwhelming disgust from his former voters on Twitter.

“Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States,” Pence wrote in a tweet Thursday.

“Our country is more important than one man. Our constitution is more important than any one man’s career,” Trump’s ex-running mate went on to say. “On January 6th, Former President Trump demanded that I choose between him and the Constitution. I chose the Constitution and I always will.”

Pence’s Twitter thread was promptly “ratio’d” by Twitter users, meaning it received more negative replies than retweets or likes. “Why is this traitor even chiming in on US issues?” wrote conservative influencer Paul Hookem in one of the initial tweet’s top replies.

“Judas Pence, pass it one,” wrote another Twitter users. Other popular replies included the words “cringe,” “traitor” and “coward.”

Pence’s statement far differed from that of surging GOP contender Vivek Ramaswamy, who unequivocally condemned the “banana republic” tactics employed by the DOJ in a passionate video statement. “It would be easier for me if Donald Trump were eliminated from competition. That’s not how I wanna win. This is not about politics. To me, this is about first principles,” Ramaswamy said. “We do not want to become a country where the party in power is able to use Banana Republic like tactics to eliminate its political opponents.”

Ramaswamy went on to reiterate his belief that “pervasive, systematic censorship” led to the minor rioting on January 6. Throughout his campaign, Ramaswamy has repeatedly pointed to glowing endorsements of the months-long, violent BLM riots from elected Democrats and the mainstream media as contributing factors to the climate that led to the protests.

“That was after a year, where we had told people across this nation, that you had to stay locked down in your house, in your basement. And shut up, sit down, do what you’re told. If you question that, you’re racist, you’re anti science,” Ramaswamy continued. “You had to stay home and locked down, unless you were part of BLM or Antifa, in which case it was perfectly fine to roam the streets of this country and burn many of them down.”


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