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Trudeau "is Canada" as much as Fauci "is Science" - all of these smug globalists sound the same

Justin Trudeau (above): "The small fringe minority .. who hold unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not express the views of Canadians."

Translation: "If you dare to disagree with me and my unlawful policies, you are no longer a Canadian."

Anthony Fauci (below): "Attacks on me are attacks on science."

Translation: "You must agree with everything I say because I am the only authority on science and medicine, and I am never to be challenged."

The most common characteristics of a tyrant include arrogance, insolence, personal attacks when confronted with facts, and a crippling inability to accept opposing points of view. Justin Trudeau and Anthony Fauci are identical, and they are offensive and toxic product of the globalist 'school' of indoctrination.


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