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Trudeau issues Veiled Threats & Booster Targets Designed to Fail: "Covid is not done with us yet"

Video Link: Justin Trudeau issues veiled threat to all Canadians if his arbitrary and draconian injection thresholds fall short

September 5, 2022: Canadians would be well served to reject Justin Trudeau, his Liberal Marxist Party, and his veiled threats to impose yet another round of excessive public health mandates and restrictions. Make no mistake, this petty-dictator knows Canadians will not reach his arbitrary injection target of 90% 'up-to-date' (a target designed to fail) thereby creating Trudeau's next opportunity to unleash his varsity version of Canadian authoritarianism - fully backed by his sponsors at WEF and WHO, of course.

Video Link: "Covid is not done with us yet. Everyone should be vaccinated and up-to-date in their vaccinations."

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