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Trudeau's Bill C-71: "Delayed Confiscation" & "Gun Prohibition" is another attack on Canadian rights

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

September 14, 2021: Compared to the United States, Canada has always applied stricter laws in regards to how you can defend yourself, your property and others when under threat. Canadian gun laws, knife laws and self defense rights have always been nearly useless when compared to the laws in the United States, but with Justin Trudeau’s new gun control announcement, Canadians will lose any hope of being able to bear arms in the event of any extreme government take-over attempts that may happen now or in the future.

Justin Trudeau’s newest radical campaign promises is to disarm, destroy and remove all owned assault rifles from the hands of law abiding citizens (regardless of license status). This comes after Justin Trudeau passed Bill C-71 in 2019 which already banned most assault rifles. This created major headlines in Canadian media, as it gave Canadian gun owners very limited options for hunting and sport rifles and left licensed gun owners worried about a possible attempt to create a 100% unarmed and tolerant/compliant society. This worry severely expands into Justin Trudeau’s new gun policy which would remove all possibility for Canadians to bear arms and protect themselves against his tyrannical and hostile liberal party.

In Canada when it comes to “standing your own ground”, using lethal force to protect yourself is only justifiable in rare cases where it is clear that your life is under serious threat. This unclear and constantly changing law is virtually useless in actual self defense scenarios and often results in an innocent individual (attempting to defend their family) ending up in prison. Canada’s self defense laws are increasingly under assault with Justin Trudeau’s misdirected crack down on assault rifles which is why free states with functional self defense laws must be looked up to when defending one's right to protect their property, e.g., Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, and most certainly Texas.

Despite the legal reasons for one to own a firearm in Canada and the fact that most Canadians know nothing about firearms and the possibility that they could be needed in times of radical, unethical, and hostile government, Canada still has a handful of individuals who own firearms for just that reason. The Second Amendment has it right as its purpose is to allow all citizens to arm against any possible threats of government tyranny and excesses. The United States having this freedom allows for their population to further address the possibility of radical (unconstitutional) government control and encourages Americans to learn about the risks and occurrences of violent government control methods throughout history. But since Canada lacks this freedom, their population is much less educated, equipped, and prepared to prevent radical government control.

Though conflict is preferably dealt with through non-violent methods, as witnessed throughout history, in countries such as the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Germany, France, Cuba, Korea, and China just to name a few, the citizens of these countries have been unable to fight back and have a voice against their autocratic leaders/dictators once (a) the government has started using violent and freedom restricting threats to manipulate and control the population against their will and (b) once the citizens have been disarmed and unable to pose a rebellious response to dictators and the country's corrupt elite.

If you are living in the United States, more specifically a "gun friendly" state, consider yourself lucky. However, if you are Canadian and understand the possibility of a future full of excessive government threats and actions, then the introduction of permanent freedom-restricting policies and the inability to defend your property should be a grave concern. Use your democratic rights on September 20th and reject an emerging dictator, Justin Trudeau, from serving another term and putting our freedom and rights at even greater risk.

By: Extremely American 16-year-old Insider & Canadian-based Guest Contributor ML


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