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Trusted News Initiative (TNI): The greatest threat to all people & the villain behind disinformation

November 20, 2021: When a multi-billion dollar content cartel like the conspicuously named "Trusted News Initiative" (TNI) conspires to aggregate, coordinate, and package news, nobody should be surprised by the reach and degree of their manipulative control over the masses.

The volume of misinformation generated by TNI is mind-boggling. As an example, as the world entered the early phase of the pandemic, TNI generated 2.1 billion fear-inducing messages over a 6 week time frame.

TNI is a massive international "news" cartel tasked with manipulating news and world events in ways intended to push a global narrative and the interests of the world's ruling elite. The schematic (below) provides a sample of the conspirators participating in the TNI misinformation cartel. How many of these "misinformation agents" are you dependent on for the delivery of your news?

TNI is a threat to the people of all nations. Get to know this news cabal and the national news networks tasked with delivering their false news and propaganda nation by nation.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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