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Tulsi Gabbard: “We can see how those in power see themselves as high priests in a secular theocracy”

February 28, 2022: Tulsi Gabbard delivered a powerful address at CPAC this weekend. Tulsi Gabbard is a rare breed of politician who actually rises above and beyond “tribal” political lines to call out modern political tyrants who are behaving as though they are “high priests of society”. The “political high priests” in this new secular and global theocracy see those who disagree with them as heretics. There is no room for dissent or challenge in the new world order of global political autocrats.

People who dare to oppose the new form of autocratic government are now labelled as “enemies of the state” and “domestic terrorists”. The truth is that the most dangerous and most ruthless enemy of modern society is the autocratic leader guilty of abusing his or her authority (i.e. Biden, Trudeau, Morrison, Macron, Ardern, etc.).

Listen closely for the pejorative and destructive language used by these modern authoritarian political leaders. They attack well informed and well-respected members of society with a goal to punish and destroy all who challenge their political ideology. The crime of those who dare to oppose the new theocratic form of governance is a crime that goes against every principle relating to the right of free expression and the right to challenge all that is wrong with politics, media, corporatists, academia, and progressive popular culture.

Unfortunately, in a world where politicians anoint themselves as theocratic high priests, no man or woman has the right to challenge their unbridled, unwarranted, and unhinged authority.

Gabbard cited these prescient words of Thomas Jefferson who commented on the cowardly traits of political authoritarians in his time:

“They [political authoritarians and autocrats] prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty” (Thomas Jefferson)

Fortunately, when united and organized, common men and women are far more powerful than the modern day tyrant - and they fear this fact!


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