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Unarmed Insurrection: The Myth of January 6 at Capitol Hill

Mar 3, 2021: After weeks of excessive hype, spin and ‘canned’ drama from the always dishonest mainstream media, Americans are discovering the ‘event’ on January 6 at Capitol Hill was nothing more than a contrived crisis and false flag. The handful of hooligans (likely 100 violent instigators from BLM and Antifa, and 300 unwittingly gullible ‘followers’ along for the ‘ride’) were out to create a distraction and an excuse that would allow the subversive media and anti-Trump politicians (across the entire political spectrum) to condemn the otherwise unstoppable populist movement in the US. Of course, informed citizens are perfectly aware of the predictable dirty tactics of progressives, pro-establishment politicians, and their filthy accomplices in media.

In the weeks since January 6, intelligent citizens from America and abroad have endured the usual pathetic antics and the deceptive narrative of mainstream media - a media that has mastered the art of insulting the intelligence of anyone ‘north’ of basic awareness. After reviewing coverage from sources that include CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NYT, and Washington Post over a one-month period, EA can confirm that these fake media and journalists applied the outrageously hyperbolic terms (literally hundreds of times each, over a one-month period) to dramatize and foment the events of January 6. The terms used and abused include the following ridiculous exaggerations to describe the skirmish inside the Capitol building:

“domestic terrorism”

“armed insurrection”

“armed militia group”

“planned insurrection”

“storming of the DC Capitol”

“act of terrorist violence comparable to 9/11”

The loss of lives and casualties that occurred on January 6 in DC are most unfortunate and anyone guilty of that violence deserves a commensurate application of the law. Indeed, all involved (including the vast majority who are of left-leaning activists disguised as Trump supporters) should all have the book thrown at them for their direct role in the violence that occurred that afternoon. But to lean on the ridiculous language (as shown above) is an abomination of the facts and an insult to anyone with a shred of intelligence and respect for intellectual honesty.

The reality of January 6 took another step closer to the truth at today’s Senate hearing. At a critical point during the Senate hearing, FBI counterterrorism chief Jill Sanborn, testified and indicated that she had ‘no knowledge’ of any firearms recovered from suspects who were arrested during the January 6 Capitol ‘breach’. When asked by Senator Ron Johnson about the evidence of firearms present or recovered on January 6, an evasive Sanborn could only say, “To my knowledge, none. We had intelligence that they [protestors] would be coming to DC, but we did not have any intelligence that they would be breaching the Capitol.” (Epoch Times - Jack Phillips; March 3, 2021) Senator Johnson responded by asserting, “If that was a planned armed insurrection, you really have a bunch of idiots”. Of course, in reading between Johnson’s lines, it is crystal clear that the events of January 6th bear no resemblance to the media’s ‘rendition’ of truth and reality. There was no ‘insurrection’, there was no “militia group’, firearms were never used or recovered, and the events that unfolded that day were arguably the ‘lightest’ yet most exaggerated example of ‘domestic terrorism’ ever spun by media and dirty politicians.

And while the media continues to play its never-ending game of ‘spin & lie’, an illegitimate Joe Biden and his inept team continue to lay siege on America by doing its best to destroy all facets of traditional American life. The true ‘domestic terrorism’ appears to be coming from Biden, his rabid socialist team, and a praetorian-like media that has truly become the most vicious enemy of the American people. As facts about January 6 continue to bleed out of Senate hearings and testimonials, ask yourself these questions: Where are the guns? Who were the ‘assailants’? What happened to the ‘assailants’? Where is the damage? What did Pelosi and McConnell do to protect Capitol Hill? Why are the DOJ and FBI so evasive in their statements? What role did politicians and media play in causing this ‘event’? These questions, and many more, should be running through everyone’s mind as fake media and dirty politicians spin their narrative. Lastly, ask yourself why Biden and his pack of DNC hyaenas have placed a barbed wire cage around our Capitol (literally) and around our freedom (figuratively). By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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