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University of Chicago Students rip CNN & The Atlantic Propogandists responsible for Disinformation

April 8, 2022: Systemic disinformation and choreographed propaganda is a core feature of modern-day "journalism" and mainstream media collusion. In the video provided, take close note of two well-informed and curious University of Chicago students who challenged two of the more reprehensible characters in mainstream media: CNN's Brian Stelter and The Atlantic's Anne Applebaum.

Observe the arrogant, dismissive, deceitful, and sanctimonious attitude displayed by Brian Stelter and Anne Applebaum when asked serious questions about their role in systemic and intentional media and journalistic fraud within their respective propaganda spin-mills. When asked about their respective roles in covering up and manipulating critical news events, these media hacks (Stelter and Applebaum) displayed their intellectual dishonesty with the greatest of ease.

There are two key points to take away from this post. First, it is incredibly exciting to see young students waking up to the tyranny of perpetual media propaganda and lies. Second, judging by the "responses" from Stelter and Applebaum, it is crystal clear that they will lie to the faces of our children/students with the most egregious degrees of insolence, dismissiveness, and contempt.

In summary, all personalities representing mainstream media are simply not to be trusted. If they are selling or "pitching" you on anything, you can be assured that they are playing a manipulative angle on you.


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