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University of Western Ontario is a case study of immorality & disrepute in shape, form & substance

September 8, 2021: It is difficult to put into words the thoughts and feelings that come to mind while watching a video like this. Here we have Dr. Julie Ponesse, a respected Professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario (often referred to as "Western" or UWO), teaching and living by principle and ethical example. Here we have a courageous thought leader setting the kind of example we all appreciate and all want for our children. Here we have an innocent victim of today's institutionalized tyranny and horrendous political corruption.

Dr. Ponesse's experience at UWO is symbolic of a brand of Canadian political and public health tyranny ("Canadian Marxism") wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Canadians and their families. The truth is that all of this starts at the top of Canadian politics in the name of Justin Trudeau. It is not a stretch to label Justin Trudeau a Marxist mini-dictator. It is not a stretch to conclude that Justin Trudeau is a traitor to all Canadians. It is not a stretch to conclude that Justin Trudeau is more than happy to oppress and do severe harm to Canadian citizens in the name of advancing the global and transnational (Davos) agenda in Canada.

But Trudeau is not acting alone. It appears that Trudeau's treason runs deep and wide. There is a full cast of national and provincial political "henchmen" lined up and positioned to execute what can only be called a Canadian brand of Marxist Authoritarianism (under the pretext and force of an "Official Public Health Cartel"). If you would like to see what Canadians are likely to face within the next 6 months, look no further than the police state taking hold in Australia - without a full reversal in course, Canadians face the Australian fate in short order.

The fate of Dr. Julie Ponesse, along with an endless list of other Canadian victims of Marxist Authoritarianism (under Trudeau's reign of tyranny), is a harsh harbinger of things to come. Canada has an opportunity to course correct. Canadians must immediately unite in defense of victims of this burgeoning Canadian police state. Canadians must remove Trudeau from his bully pulpit by voting him out of office on September 20. Canadians must demand that all political parties in power act in the focused and unwavering interest of Canadian freedom, tradition, and prosperity at all levels of government.

University of Western Ontario must retract its disgraceful and reprehensible threat of "immediate dismissal" of Dr. Ponesse. Every current UWO student and former UWO student must demand that their school back off all staff at the school. Professionals in every company across Canada should proactively put their own companies on notice - such unlawful tyranny will not be tolerated! Every Canadian must firmly reject the introduction of Marxist principles and demand the preservation of their freedom and civil liberties.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Dr. Julie Ponesse: "Ethics in the Time of Covid"


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