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US GDP DROPS 1.4% in Q1 2022: "Surprising" only to those gullible enough to trust the "Left" & Media

April 30, 2022: Those gullible enough to believe the bogus narrative and false promises of "the left" (the DNC, corporate media, social media, and academia to name a few examples) were dealt the news of a "shocking" decline in US first quarter GDP (1.4%). Joe Biden and his illegitimate administration actually managed to "un-grow" the US quarterly GDP.

In the meantime, Biden and his unhinged and delusional DNC Marxist Party continue to spend like drunken sailors and deliver intergenerational debt at an alarming rate. To make matters worse, the "build back better" slogan is clearly code for sweeping reductions in the standard of living for everyone except the ruling elite.

As the US midterms approach (November 2022), it has never been more clear that any elected official with a "D" (Democrat) next to their name must be rejected without hesitation. In the meantime, immediately contact your elected officials from either side of the political spectrum and demand an immediate reversal of Biden's unending collection of failed domestic and foreign policies.


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