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US Real Disposable Personal Income is plummeting under Joe Biden & his long trail of failed policies

Explanation and Definition of US Real Disposable Personal Income

Formal definition: Real disposable personal income is the portion of personal income that is left after personal taxes are subtracted and adjusted for inflation, and thus is the amount of personal income available to people for consumption spending and saving. Rising real disposable personal income signals an improvement in "quality of life". Decreasing real disposable personal income signals a deterioration in "quality of life".

There are several proxies for "quality of life" and "personal financial well-being". Real Disposable Personal Income is one such economic metric and proxy. Under Joe Biden and his illegitimate administration, the pain Americans are feeling in everyday life can be quantitatively measured by and correlated with economic indicators like (soaring) inflation and (plummeting) "real disposable personal income".

Take note of the direction monthly US real disposable personal income under Biden (see the image below). Every American, regardless of political affiliation, should be alarmed by the trend lines of this key economic metric under Joe Biden's illegitimate term in office.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis


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