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Victor Davis Hanson (Prager U Video): "I see danger coming"

June 17, 2024: Are America's institutions under siege by leftist ideology? Victor Davis Hanson explores how the left has cleverly infiltrated key institutions like the FBI, the Pentagon, and the DOJ, creating a culture that rewards liberal viewpoints and pushes a social agenda. This strategic capture has led to high-ranking officials, such as Mark Milley, advocating for controversial concepts like white rage without being able to define or explain their impact.

In this revealing interview, Hanson discusses how careerists in Washington have adapted to this culture, knowing that expressing left-leaning views can lead to lucrative post-retirement opportunities in major corporations or defense contractors. The left’s control extends to creating a safe haven for these officials, where traditional watchdogs remain silent, further entrenching their influence.

Hanson criticizes the Republican response, describing them as clueless in understanding and countering this cultural shift. He highlights the left’s tendency to bring in individuals who challenge American values, seeing it as payback against the bourgeoisie. This mindset has led to increasing societal issues, such as dangerous subways, which the left dismisses as mere inconveniences for those who follow the rules.

Hanson also touches on the visceral hatred the left has for Donald Trump, whom they see as the embodiment of everything they despise. His appearance, behavior, and policies have driven them to irrational extremes, affecting even those on the conservative side who now seem obsessed with opposing him.

This interview is essential for anyone looking to understand the deep-seated ideological battles within America's institutions and the broader cultural implications. Hanson’s insights offer a sobering look at the strategies and consequences of the left’s dominance in key areas of American life.

Don’t miss this critical conversation with Victor Davis Hanson as he unpacks the ideological warfare shaping America's future and the urgent need for a balanced approach to reclaim the nation’s foundational principles.


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