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Video Montage of the Great Covid Public Health Hoax: "Purveyors of the Great Lie"

July 26, 2022: There has been an unending sequence of Covid public health lies starting with the origins and cause of Covid. Media, Big Pharma, and Public Health "Authorities" have all collaborated in a predictable cycle of "wash, rinse, repeat" when it comes to their "choreography" of vaccine related lies.

It is time to believe your eyes rather than the "drumbeat of lies" coming from purveyors of Covid malpractice and bio-tyranny. It is time to investigate and indict those who are responsible for this obvious democidal crime against humanity.

"The 'public health' response to COVID has been awful. Ever since cases first appeared in Wuhan, the reaction has been marked by mistakes, reversals, outright lying and even political manipulation. We need a thorough accounting."

- Glenn H. Reynolds (New York Post 2021)

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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