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Warning Signals from Canada’s Brand of Emerging Socialist Authoritarianism

Feb 4, 2021: You won’t see it on the morning talk show or in the evening news. Video footage of police officers patrolling church parking lots and writing down parishioner’s plate numbers for defying covid lockdown orders and having the gall to attend a Sunday mass service in order to follow religious traditions.

Nor will you see reported the account of how Nikki Mathis, a mother of 3, was detained by the police at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta. Authorities transferred Mathis to an undisclosed quarantine facility under protest and in spite of having been tested negative for Covid 19 just 4 hours earlier in Dallas, Texas. The incident resembles the tactics seen in communist regimes such as China and North Korea where officers refuse to identify themselves and disclose their intentions.

With Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent 600 million dollar media bail-out package to be distributed over a 5 year period, it’s not surprising that reporters conveniently fail to question or challenge Trudeau’s authoritarian policies. The conflict of interest is palpable and consistent with the corrupt mainstream media patterns seen all over the world.

A new wave of oppressive restrictions and fines are approaching Canadians at lightning speed as Trudeau calmly (and smugly) promises to keep Canadians safe while parroting the WHO’s canned script and messaging suggesting all of this tyranny and over-reach is for the protection of Canadians. Ironically, some of the most vocal Canadians opposing these draconian measures are immigrants from Communist Russia, Poland and other countries that have been ravaged by similar forms of socialism and communism. They rally in major cities across the country, passionately warning the public of the looming darkness about to enshroud their great country.

Sadly, these first-generation Canadian patriots (who witnessed the corruption of former authoritarian governments stripping their own citizens of God given liberties) are quickly arrested and their loudspeakers are forcefully unplugged and removed from the city squares across the country. Oh how Canada has digressed in a mere 12 months.

What will it take for Canadians to recover their rightful position as free citizens in Canada and oppose the corruption that no longer hides under cover but rather presents itself in the form of political frauds and politicians beholden to the orders, instructions and agendas of global power brokers and international magnates? Canadians watch, in shock, as tools like Justine Trudeau and Premier Ford masquerade as Canadian leaders as they sell out our country (and its future prosperity and sovereignty) to the interests of a global agenda. Doug Ford, the Conservative Premier of Canada’s largest province, has transformed from a conservative into Trudeau’s personal “goon” recently proclaiming “ I will come down on businesses who defy the emergency measures like an 800 pound Gorilla.” With this said, it appears that covid is not the only contagious virus going around; it also appears that Trudeau’s socialist and dictatorial form of “leadership” is spreading throughout Canada and within the provincial government ranks.

Only days ago, an anonymous whistleblower leaked the following questions that will form the basis of planned campaign research. From these questions (listed below), it is clear the federal government is testing the tolerance for Canadians to surrender even more personal rights and freedom by permitting greater levels of government control.

- Do you support or oppose the government suspending civil liberties, rights and freedoms for the duration of the pandemic?

- Do you support or oppose police being authorized to establish vehicular checkpoints to question drivers and occupants to enforce compliance with Covid measures?

- Do you support or oppose police and health officials being authorized to separate family members by removing people from homes and housing them somewhere else if infected with Covid-19?

- Do you support or oppose fining or jailing those who spread disinformation about Covid-19 by questioning the existence or seriousness of Covid-19?

- Do you support or oppose the establishment of Covid-19 isolation centers where people who are found positive of Covid-19 could be taken to protect themselves and others from Covid-19 during the pandemic?

- Do you support or oppose the government compelling cell phone companies to provide data on users for the purpose of enforcing compliance with Covid-19 emergency measures?

The Canadian government has been underhanded in its covert and manipulative efforts to exploit polls and surveys to elicit “outcomes” that will support greater degrees of government overreach and martial law. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to connect the dots – Trudeau is using trickery to lead Canadians into self-inflicted forfeit of their personal freedom and independence. As a freedom loving patriot, I hope to awaken not only my fellow Canadians but also alert my American friends about the perilous path that comes with a socialist and globalist leader like Trudeau. Evil is rising like a sandstorm in the desert and it seems to be a common threat around the world where socialism and communism is infiltrating and ensconcing itself at alarming rates. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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