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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: A perfect choice of incompetence to represent Joe Biden

Mar 21, 2021: As America and the rest of the world experience the unthinkable antics of Joe Biden and his feckless team, there is a long list of characters that deserve exposure and commentary. We have repeatedly seen Biden forget the names of “key” members of his staff. We have seen Biden do his best slap-stick comedy routine during his “adventures” up gentle sets of stairs. We have seen Biden open the southern border flood gates and pretend that “there’s nothing to see there”. We have seen almost complete invisibility of Biden in key moments that have followed his illegitimate entry into the White House. We have seen Biden take absolutely no stand against Governor Cuomo for his crimes of sexual predation and the murder of over 14,000 senior citizens in New York State. We have seen Biden destroy core sectors of the American economy (like traditional energy sectors and mid-to-heavy manufacturing) with reckless and ruthless executive orders. We have seen Biden’s spineless Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Secretary Advisor Jake Sullivan “get owned and insulted” by senior Chinese diplomats in Alaska where the criminal CCP delegation lectured Blinken (and America!) about our “transgressions and failures” as a nation. We have seen Biden and his health experts flip-flop on masks and public health policies while holding the entire nation hostage and “pinned down” indefinitely. Through these and many other outrageous moments, we have also suffered daily appearances by Biden’s incompetent and bumbling White House “press secretary” Jen Psaki.

Jen Psaki’s articulation of the first two months of Biden’s follies and failures have been painful to watch and always an insult to anyone with a shred of knowledge regarding current affairs and geo-political matters. In a world of stark differences between what we had under President Trump and what we now have under Biden, these stark differences extend into the realm of former versus current White House Press Secretaries. Under President Trump we enjoyed the professionalism, humility, and effective communication skills of Kayleigh McEnany. Under Biden we must endure a bumbling, stuttering, unprepared, cringeworthy Jen Psaki who has already established a trademark of being arrogant, hyper-sensitive, insincere, and evasive every time she takes to the podium. Psaki is truly an insufferable personality and an utter waste of time.

As you are “treated” to (and punished with) daily appearances from Jen Psaki, take note of Psaki’s characteristics and mannerisms. Her only “skill” as a press secretary is a skill designed to deliver non-responses and non-information (with unbelievable degrees of arrogance and dismissiveness) to protect and cover-up the steady stream of failures from a totally incompetent fraud and moron masquerading as a president. Consider the following observations:

· Constant mincing and equivocation of her words

· Unfortunate tendency into incessant, clunky, cringeworthy sequences of “uhh, ahh, ehh, uhh, awh, uhm” (eerily similar to Canada’s woke-punk Prime Minister Trudeau)

· Frequent use of padded and empty terms (consider the empty vernacular of progressives and the left

· Insincere and cagy delivery of messages

· A dominant tendency to smile inappropriately and stammer when lying and misleading her audience (an occurrence that is all too frequent)

· Eyes that clearly show the discomfort of a person paid to lie

· An unfortunate set of eyes that always have a look of “being lost” and baffled (she does not have a good poker face!)

· Manipulates the English language to deliver her party’s deceptive key messages and propaganda (consider her use of the term “challenge” instead of “crisis” to describe the open borders crisis along America’s southern border)

· Dependency on the concept of “circling back” as a “life preserver” to cover up for her lack of knowledge and preparation

· Inappropriate laughter and making light out of serious issues and events to detract from her administration’s failures

· Repetitive use of words like “really, really”, “very, very”, “vast, vast”, “certainly, certainly” and many others as filler phrases to compensate for her verbose, zero-substance non-responses

· Hyper-sensitivity to anyone who dares to ask a critical question (a predominant trait of the left)

· Incapable of responding without reading script (everything is “canned”)

· Reliance on a pattern of condescending, patronizing and sanctimonious posture when answering questions

My observations are obviously subjective, however, keep them in mind whenever you see this bumbling fool (Jen Psaki) stumble through her zero-information and fact-absent press conferences. In a way, she is the perfect representative of Biden and his party as she always has nothing substantive to say and always hides behind her trademark “fog of word-salad”. EA advises members of our community to limit their exposure to this DNC moron and disregard any messaging she manages to “burp out” during her useless press conferences. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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