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Winning in today’s progressive world of “conditional” compassion and “intolerant’ wisdom

Feb 8, 2021: In a world overflowing with moral narcissism, sanctimonious arrogance, and intellectual intolerance, we find ourselves surrounded by the perpetual threat of irrational and unreasonable social bullies. These social bullies can be found around every corner! Whether the topic is as important as a pandemic, environmental management and balanced global prosperity or as insignificant as the theatrics and outcome of a Super Bowl game, there is a clear and growing chasm forming between “hip & popular progressive intellects” and “curious & traditional conservative thinkers” of our time. Although this statement may be seen as provocative and one-sided, it is expressed without apology. This conclusion is warranted given the endless ridiculous antics we see from a collection of obnoxious progressive sycophants who seem to find no harm in attacking anyone who “dares” to challenge progressive liberal dogma and baseless self-ascribed intellectual “false standing”. These words are, no doubt, painful medicine for the progressive community that consider themselves the only well-informed members of society and apparently the only group aware of principles of compassion and consideration of course, all of this could not be any further from the truth!

To test the assertion made above, politely challenge the “thinking” or the “gospel” of someone you see as a typical progressive or globalist “know-it-all”. The reaction is almost always certain to be fierce, hostile and personal. The usual “bait” for such reactions could easily include the act of expressing opposition (or even simple curiosity) in areas such as: current covid health policy, the US federal election, systemic election fraud, US impeachment practices, justification of cancel culture, liberal media, behaviour of technocratic oligarchs, BLM, Antifa, and climate change just to mention a few examples. In any of these cases, a person daring to challenge the “religious” ideology of the progressive left runs the risk of facing an unhinged barrage of insults, threats and an assortment of emotional, physical and cyber-based bullying (all in line with the “cancel culture” and “social-snitching” that manifests itself within social, employment, political and law enforcement circles).

The intolerant left is singularly responsible for balkanizing society across countless categories of people. This outcome of perpetual and deep rifts between people can be attributed to a very obvious set of usual suspects. Consider the dubious roles played by politicians, media, social media, academia, the entertainment industry, and professional athletes and ask yourself if you truly believe their role is one of building unity and social cohesion. Any intellectually honest person cannot deny that these “usual suspects” are intentionally undermining society not to mention the concepts of social responsibility, compassion and cohesion. These groups have literally created a bifurcated world: one where half the population is considered “fashionably altruistic and morally superior” while the other half is considered “outdated, uninformed, insensitive and dispensable”.

So how does a regular patriotic, law-abiding and conservative-minded individual win in a world like this? How does someone outside of the “progressive club” defend themselves against a progressive left who are the precisely the opposite of what they profess themselves to be? How do traditional patriots win against “progressive” elements in society that are clearly unhinged and predictably hostile, violent, emotionally temperamental, misinformed, underinformed, non-inclusive, narrow-minded and intellectually dishonest? The advice from this Extremely American contributor is as follows:

- Know the typical profile of a progressive person and their predictable tactics (as described above)

- Inform yourself, as much as possible, from reliable and diverse sources (the truth and facts are the greatest weapon against progressives and globalists)

- Seek community in environments and within circles that actually support freedom of expression, freedom of belief, critical reasoning and all other unalienable rights

- Revisit and memorize your constitutional rights

- Familiarize yourself with science versus progressive science fiction

- Rely of your own beliefs, common sense and moral compass to navigate the “toxic waters” of information (most notably in politics, media, academia and entertainment where information contamination is at its worse)

- Resist the moral suasion and shaming techniques that are pervasive in environments like the workplace, academia, and social media

- Spend time and energy strengthening the bonds within your closest circle of friends and family

- Get back to basics and re-discover all those things that relate to simpler times and greater self-sufficiency (ie. escape the technology and mainstream media as much as possible, and get back to nature and simple activities as much as possible)

With this editorial, it is hoped that those constantly offended (or attacked) by the actions a condescending progressive “paper tiger” find strength by gaining a greater understanding of the left, learning how to deal with their predictable bullying antics, and reinforcing their comfort in a community that truly cares for one another unconditionally. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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