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Woke Alerts’ Notifies Consumers When Companies Go Woke (

‘Woke Alerts’ Notifies Consumers When Companies Go Woke

By: Evita Duffy-Alfonso

April 15, 2023: A new and free notification system known as “Woke Alerts” informs consumers when a company promotes the radical, left-wing agenda, compromising the values of traditional American consumers.

Woke Alerts subscribers will receive text messages whenever a company “cave[s] to the woke agenda,” wrote Consumers’ Research, the nonprofit that created Woke Alerts. Also available to subscribers are detailed reports revealing “what’s really behind those decisions, including in some cases, the desire to mask their own objectionable behavior.”

“Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers,” stated Consumers’ Research. “They’ll only succeed if we look the other way.”

Woke Alerts is part of the nonprofit’s broader Consumers First Initiative,” which launched in May 2021 and is committed to “putting corporations on notice – It’s time to start serving your customers and stop serving woke politicians.” So far, the Consumers First Initiative has done thorough reports on companies like BlackRock, Coca-Cola, Nike, American Airlines, State Farm, Ticketmaster, MLB, American Express, and Levi’s.

Earlier this month, beer brand Anheuser-Busch collaborated on a video with transgender-identifying TikTokker Dylan Mulvaney to honor the completion of his first year as a supposed “girl.” Anheuser-Busch consumers responded by boycotting the beer brand, and the company’s market cap dropped nearly $4 billion.

However, a report from The New York Post indicates that despite the revenue loss in the immediate aftermath of the video collaboration, Anheuser-Busch’s Mulvaney publicity stunt was likely a net gain because the company acquired something significant from it: social credit.

Indeed, organizations like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) use a point system to measure companies’ “corporate social responsibility,” pushing them to produce “marketing or advertising to LGBTQ consumers.”

According to the Post, HRC “doesn’t just sit back passively either. HRC sends representatives to corporations every year telling them what kind of stuff they have to make visible at the company. They give them a list of demands and if they don’t follow through there’s a threat that you won’t keep your [Corporate Equality Index] score.” The Corporate Equality Index, which is overseen by the HRC, is a mega-powerful LGBTQ+ political lobbying group.

Unfortunately, regular consumers don’t have that kind of power. Since there isn’t a “non-radical leftist, basic decency” social credit score for companies, normal American consumers can only stage individual boycotts. However, this method is often ineffective at impacting company decisions because it’s disorganized and lacks long-term follow-through. But most importantly, consumers don’t always know when the brands and services they are buying have gone woke.

That is what Woke Alerts wants to change. “We believe companies should focus on their customers and not woke politicians and progressive activists,” stated Consumers’ Research Executive Director Will Hild. “Nor should they be compelled to act in a certain way based on pressure from ESG extremists.”

Woke Alerts presents an avenue for consumers to take back commercial agency and power by keeping them informed. Conservatives don’t need to spend their hard-earned dollars on companies that hate them and their values.

Source: The Federalist

Evita Duffy-Alfonso is a staff writer to The Federalist and the co-founder of the Chicago Thinker. She loves the Midwest, lumberjack sports, writing, and her family. Follow her on Twitter at @evitaduffy_1 or contact her at


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